Like many Pacman frogs, Cranwell's are very popular as pets.

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Pacman frogs can be found for sale at online reptile dealers. I have seen them at Petsmart stores, but not the unusual colored ones. I found Arty as a youngster at a reptile show in Portland, Oregon.
Oct 10, 2016 - Pacman frogs kept in captivity as pets require a specialized diet that mimics what they might eat in the wild as closely as possible
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Pacman frogs are best suited for experienced amphibian owners and are not safe pets for young children, as they will bite if irritated. They are not cuddly pets, nor pets that can be taught tricks or played with. However, they are very unique and interesting pets, that can bring owners hours of enjoyment watching them. Pacman frogs aren't as active as their arcade namesake, but they do have special requirements as pets
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Photo provided by FlickrIt is very important to keep a close check on your pacman frog's health, because they can have some health issues when kept in captivity as pets
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Frogs that get FAT, like , Budgettes Toads, and Bullfrogs can get to be pretty boring as pets for the beginner. The Budgettes toad can also pack a good wallop of a bite when it's full grown, so watch those fingers! This doesn't mean you absolutely should not get some of these for pets, (Pac Man Frogs, for example, while somewhat "boring" to some, are also very hearty and not as prone to the usual frailties of other types of frogs) but I'd really think carefully about how long you're going to retain interest in this type of frog you've made any sort of commitment by going out and getting such a pet....Pacman frogs kept in captivity as pets require a specialized diet that mimics what they might eat in the wild as closely as possible. It is important to offer high quality food to your Pacman frog that meets its dietary needs to ensure good health and proper growth. Pacman frogs are native to South America, and most commonly reside in Brazil and in the Amazon basin. Pacman frogs are one of the largest types of frogs in the world and are popular with amphibian enthusiasts in both Europe and North America. Pacman frogs are one of the most pugnacious of frogs that are sold as pets, and can become aggressive and bite if they are irritated or feel threatened. Even with daily socialization and care, Pacman frogs will never become truly friendly and will retain their ornery temperament. They are best kept solo, as they will fight, often to the death, with others of their own kind. Pacman frogs tend to be noisy, and often croak and ribbit during both the day and evening, especially during breeding season.Pacman frogs, also known as horned frogs, are a unique breed with a large appetite. They make sluggish pets and cannot be handled often since they can absorb chemicals from your hands through their skin. These frogs are easy to care for, however, and can make interesting conversation pieces. They live for about six years and are often kept for the aesthetic qualities of their wide mouths and the colorful patterns that decorate their skin.History:
Pacman frogs are one of the largest frogs in the world . They are native to South America, and are most commonly found in Brazil and the Amazon basin. In both North America and Europe, they are popular pets with amphibian enthusiasts as they are relatively inexpensive.Also known as horned frogs, Pacman frogs make good first-time amphibian pets due to their hardiness and ease of care. Sedentary and rotund, with disproportionately large mouths that take up most of their heads, it's no wonder these horned frogs earned their nickname after the video game character. Depending upon their diet, Pacman frogs may exhibit astonishingly rapid growth rates.