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A grain-free kibble is better than a grain-based one. Nutro is not a brand with a good track record however. And a diet which is so processed and devoid of animal matter as to not need refrigeration is not 'paleo' for a dog or cat, in any sense of the word.I don't feed my carnivorous pets a processed carbohydrate-based diet, but I understand that not everyone is so anal about their pet's nutrition.A 9-month-old dog shouldn't be able to be described as 'lazy'. That does concern me. I have a breed with a similar background to your Shih (Tibetan Terrier), and processed food was really horrific for her health. The Asian long-haired breeds have very delicate digestive systems, skin, and most especially TEETH. I didn't start feeding my dog right nearly soon enough to save her teeth... but at least her dental problems haven't progressed much in the 5 years she's been raw-fed. These days she's in vastly better health than she was at 5 or 6 years old. She runs and plays like a puppy again. And I spend nothing at the vet on any of my 4 pets, even though my dogs are 11 and 14 and previously had health issues.
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Dogs and cats evolved over millions of years to extract energy from only raw fat and protein. Paleopet is the realization that commercial pet foods use starch (sugar) as a source of metabolic energy only because it can be stored in a convenient dry form. Fat and raw protein can only be stored by freezing (not freeze-drying). Pet Food Consultation – Paleo Pet Goods
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In some ways, cats and dogs are the ultimate Paleo devotees: they get plenty of , they don’t have any stressful day jobs or mortgage bills to worry about, and they’re perfectly happy to shun Oreos and ice cream for a bowl full of meat. But not even our pets can completely escape the damage of the modern lifestyle, and the number of pets struggling with obesity and chronic diseases his risen as our furry companions are increasingly confined to tiny apartments, fed a steady stream of processed, canned food, and subjected to the same stressors as their owners.If you’re interested in switching your pet to a Paleo-style diet, it can be tempting to change everything right away, but putting Fluffy on a Whole30 isn’t the best way to make the switch. Like , pets should be eased into their new diet – gradually increase the amount of real food in your pet’s diet, and decrease the amount of store-bought food, making sure to watch for any signs of digestive upset, or other signals that you should take things even more slowly.One common rule of thumb for Paleo grocery shopping for humans is to stick to the perimeter of the grocery store: don’t venture into the middle aisles, which are full of canned, boxed, and jarred food products full of preservatives to keep them fresh at room temperature. Unfortunately, those middle aisles are also where you’ll find the pet food, and the same disadvantages apply. Commercial cat and dog food is with grains, legumes, and chemicals of various different kinds: it’s basically the animal equivalent of Lunchables. And unsurprisingly, pet Lunchables aren’t any better for them than human Lunchables are for us.While cats and dogs thrive on a meat-based diet, other pets are naturally herbivores. Birds vary widely depending on species – eat grains in the wild, while parrots can eat an astonishing variety of food including fruit, vegetables, nuts, small insects, seeds, and even flowers. This doesn’t mean that you can just let your pet bird clear the plates after dinner, though; the best way to develop a Paleo-style diet for a bird is to do research on the specific species and try to imitate its natural diet.So the farther down the rabbit hole you go with eating clean and smart, the more your eyes are opened. One thing that has come to us in the past few months is, "What should our pets be eating?" Well they should basically be eating a raw version of paleo it turns out. Or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. I'll let you fill out the horrible acronym there. Dogs in particular are omnivores with a lean towards carnivore. We have been feeding our dog raw food for a couple months and the results are astounding. Much less itchy skin, beautiful coat, healthy digestion, etc. As with everything else we have encountered so far however, the quality wasn't quite what we would hope. And since we have access to the best ingredients available, we started making our own. Our very good friends Michael and Sarah from LA gave us the idea after they started doing it for their awesome pup, Augustus Tuttle, yeah that's his name. Pretty awesome. One thing led to another in a very quick fashion and we will be making raw paleo dog food for you guys! We will be able to ship it all over the country and it will come in a variety of meats. We will start with a grass fed beef, sourced directly from Seth at Open Space Meats. We are super excited about this new venture. It is called The Omnivore's Pet. More info to come soon. Check out the website here. In the mean time, here is your people food for the week!From there, not wanting to be both grody AND sick, Kadet moves on to various wet and refrigerated dog foods that range from “metallic and disturbingly bland” to “rich and flavorful.” The latter fare is such a hit to her palate that she goes to Petsmart to take advantage of their buy-10, get-two-cans-free deal, presumably saving herself money that the average paleo diet enthusiast … isn’t? (My feeling is that spending money on food meant for humans, in order for you or other humans to consume, is probably never a waste, but what do I know?)