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Brand: Perky-Pet Bird Feeder Type: Seed Feeder.
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When you purchase a feeder from an innovative and established brand like Perky-Pet, then you’ll be getting the quality that you and your hummer community need to thrive. They pay attention to those little details that make your experience a positive one. By offering features such as bee guards, ant moats, and creative designs, you’ll be able to attract and protect the tiny birds that often feed in your yard.
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A fun way for kids to learn more about nature is to get a bird feeder so that can observe different birds in their own yard. Perky-Pet is a nice brand of bird feeders, and we spotted good deals on two of their models. Woodstream Red Straight Wire (Replacement Perky Pet Brand Feeders)
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Having a leaking problem with this feeder. When I bring it outside and pull it open (you pull it up to "open" it so the juice flows down into the main feeding area)it starts leaking. I thought at first I didn't understand how to use it soI put it in the garage for a couple of months to look at it when I had time. Plenty of baby hummers around emptying my other brand feeder every day so I took the perky pet out again and tried it; same problem. The bottom is made of two pieces as someone else said and it may be leaking there. But all the juice leaks out quickly. Strangely that doesn't happen with water when I experimented so I will again see if I'm doing something wrong??? Perhaps one has to be careful when you pull it open that you gently pull up on the top unit rather than pulling the bottom unit down???? Can't recommend as of now.