Syracuse airport adds pet-pooping station to terminal |

What pet adds stacking fire damage debuff
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Another feature, is it adds to your on screen objectives a progress bar. If you right click on objectives you will get a drop down giving you more choices. You can even have it not show at all if it annoys you. Notice the bar is color coded by how many rares/ and uncommon's I have. I can't show you a zone with greater variety till next expansion. When I had less pets, it would show greys, whites, greens and nothing if i was missing the pet. It was very helpful
Movie studio tour adds element of pet adoption - Sun Sentinel
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This addon adds a new mini map button, when you hover over it, it identifies in one easy place where your tamers are that give pet supply satchels or rewards. There is not much more to explain, other than it does add icons to the map, as well as plugs into TomTom and will direct you to where you have to go. It also has a interface button that will also track non-reward pet tamers too, for those of you doing achievment. Pet Health Insurance Adds Peace of Mind - Kentucky Humane Society
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