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Alaska Shepherd Rescue has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Anchorage, Alaska.
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Ask anybody who has adopted an adult dog, and they'll swear their bond with their rescued pal is as deep as they come. When you open your heart and your home to a dog who needs help, they really do show their appreciation for the rest of their life! Dogs who have been uprooted from their homes, or have had difficult beginnings are likely to bond completely and deeply with their new human caretakers who they view as heroes. Alaskan Malamutes who find themselves in the shelter or at a rescue group because of a death or other tragedy in their former human family usually go through a mourning period. Once they are adopted, however, they usually want nothing more than to please their new hero---YOU! No matter what circumstances brought them to the shelter or rescue group, most Alaskan Malamute dogs for adoption are exceptionally affectionate and attentive pets and extremely loyal companions. But first you have to adopt one!
Adopt A Dog Ak has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Anchorage, Alaska.
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Before you adopt an Alaskan Malamute, consider how much time your new family member will spend alone. Remember, a puppy requires constant attention. The key to successful housebreaking is consistency; preventing "accidents" is key. Once a puppy soils the carpeting, it becomes much more difficult to train them out of that behavior. Here's a good rule of thumb to consider: a puppy can hold his bladder just one hour for every month they've been alive. For instance, a 3-month-old puppy will need to empty his bladder every three hours! Before you adopt an Alaskan Malamute puppy, ask yourself if you are available to walk your dog several times throughout the day, and if you have the patience and commitment to wake up and take him out first thing every morning at the same time, and stick to a strict schedule. Of course, before you can walk him at all, you will need to train him to walk on a leash, which is a project in itself. Alaska SPCA has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Anchorage, AR.
Photo provided by FlickrClear Creek Cat Rescue - Kenai has cats and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Kenai, Alaska.
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ACAT is back on Petfinder. After a rather long hiatus, Alaska Cat Adoption Team is sharing its available felines on Petfinder, as well as the ACAT website. Thank you for visiting our sites.SOFA works to be a positive, effective force for communities throughout Southeast Alaska. SOFA was founded in the State of Alaska in December 2012 and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Although we are young and relatively small, we operate with faith that the communities that we serve will support our efforts and that the lasting effects of our targeted programs will have a beneficial effect on the pet population of the entire Southeast Alaska region.
If you are interested in being part of a group that is passionate about animal welfare and rescue, here are a few ways that you can help:

We are always in need of donations including food, new and gently used pet supplies, monetary donations, or volunteer time. Our needs list is always growing! Check the current list on our "" page.

We also need families to assist us as foster homes. SOFA does not operate a shelter facility, but we actively rescue and adopt pets in need throughout Southeast Alaska. To do this we need loving families to provide a temporary home both before pets are available for adoption (sometimes it takes up to a few weeks to make sure that a pet is healthy, spayed/neutered, and ready to go to a permanent home) and/or while they are waiting to be adopted (which may be a short or long wait, depending on differing circumstances).

Last, but certainly not least, we need your help finding responsible and loving forever homes for pets. Help us spread the word about the advantages of adoption and the amazing pets that are available through SOFA!

For more information on how you can help, check out our "" page.Kitty and K-9 Connection is an animal rescue / foster / adoption organization located in Anchorage, Alaska. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit. Kitty and K-9 Connection was founded in August 2001 and is devoted to saving the lives of homeless and abandoned cats and dogs, finding them loving and lifetime homes, advocating for the spay and neuter of all pets, promoting responsible pet ownership and providing pet ownership education.When you adopt an adult dog, you are doing the ultimate good deed. Let's face it: at first a lot of people think they want to find Alaskan Malamute puppies for sale, but not everyone is lining up to adopt the great adults! Some people might have the misconception that Alaskan Malamutes in shelters have something wrong with them. In fact, most Alaskan Malamutes for adoption end up in shelters not because of any problem with pet behavior or health issues, but because they were dropped off by someone who simply didn't have the time or money to care for the animals. In some cases pets are lost and never found by their owners. These animals are healthy and very eager to please. Did you know that every year, approximately 4 million adoptable animals are killed? A staggering 25% of those animals are purebreds, so you can bet there is an Alaskan Malamute in need of adoption.