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*Meet adoptable pets and learn about organization. (We do not currently do off-site adoptions)
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Most volunteers don't have time to update more than one or two sites. Our Pet Adoption Portal, Data Management and Website services automatically send your animal data and pictures to a long list of web sites. You update only one pet list, and the other web sites get updated!
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You may be familiar with some of the larger adoption sites, such as and , but there are many more, even some that have taken technology created for other uses and put it to work for pet adoption. For example: Pet Adoption Center | St Charles County, MO - Official Website
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Just bring your driver’s license or another valid form of ID, as well as a collar and leash or carrier (or purchase one on site), and your new best friend can go home with you today. There is also a $20 pet license for dogs that applies to adopters living in the city of Los Angeles.Did you know that every puppy in Puppy Bowl comes from a great ? If you're thinking about adopting a pet, we've collected some resources to get you started in exploring the shelter adoption option. You'll find some great stuff at these sites.

: Take our questionaire to help determine what breeds may work for you or go directly to breed pages and we'll suggest available dogs at shelters near you.

has information about pet adoption to get you started, including articles on pet care and finding the right animal for your family.

: Need help locating a pet for adoption in your neighborhood? Try Petfinder's zip code search to see what kinds of pets are looking for a new home or find a local animal shelter.
Have you addressed what type of pet personality you are looking for? Wait a second, did we just say personality, and not breed? Yes, that is right. Finding the ideal pet for yourself or family should start with an understanding of the ideal pet personality. Consider this, do you need a dog that is low key and good with kids, or are you looking for an energetic pal who is into trail running? Perhaps a cat that will get along well with others is what you need. The dog rescues and cat rescues that post hundreds of local pets near you are experts at matching you with a dog or cat who will love the life you can provide. This is why so many people are realizing focusing on dog adoption and cat adoption from a rescue is the ideal pet search process. Best of all, our website has a feature called "New Pet Alerts." Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will e-mail you when that perfect pet is available! So even if you've made the commitment to adopt a puppy or adopt a kitten, we will e-mail you immediately when we know of a local little furry fellow who is in need of a new home!At Helen Woodward Animal Center, we have an ever-shifting list of beautiful dogs, puppies, cats and kittens available through our San Diego pet adoption program. Please check our website daily for updates!