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Our luxury pet grooming services will help get your pet happy and healthy.
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Companies which cater to pets will be curious to know what your dog likes and doesn't like, what scares her, and whether you've taken your pet to a groomer before. Those more focused on sales will immediately try to convince you to purchase a "package" of services and will treat your dog more like property than a companion.
Our luxury pet grooming services will help get your pet happy and healthy.
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If you are dissatisfied with a bath or groom, we will be happy to rebathe or regroom your pet to your specifications. It is not uncommon for eyes to be a bit irritated, or for ears to “shake” after cleaning. Please let us know if something is amiss. Often times it is a normal occurrence and easily resolved. Windows-based pet salon and grooming software designed to manage appointments.
Photo provided by FlickrWindows-based pet salon and grooming software designed to manage appointments.
Photo provided by FlickrWe offer full service pet health care that includes the bathing and grooming of dogs and cats.
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e are members of many national and regional grooming organizations including:
-National Dog Groomer's Association of America
-New England Pet Grooming Professionals
-Board of Professional Cat Groomers Association of America
-International Society of Canine Cosmetologistsission Statement - To provide kind, safe, and professional grooming care to the animals entrusted to us. To treat all pets with their best interest at heart and in a manner in which their owners would approve. To remember that the owner’s trust in us is irreplaceable and to strive for all owners to be comfortable knowing that their beloved pet is in good hands and will be treated with respect. To make this a pleasant experience for both the pet and it’s owner. To have every dog happy when it comes in the door and every owner happy when they leave. Welcome to Dalespets. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and my company. My Name is Dale I am the founder of Dalespets LLC. I have been grooming almost 20 years. It was early in the year 1993 when I began my training under a professional groomer. From there I went to a pet store chain that had 38 grooming shops and spanned the eastern seaboard. My grooming shop became the number one grooming salon within the Company. We were a high volume shop with a low rate of incidents. I became a viable member of the grooming departments in the southeast within 3 years. I thought I would retire within the corporate world of pet grooming. Then the economy took its toll on the company and it closed up shop in July 2010. By this time I had been with them for almost 15 years. I was now at the ripe golden age of 48. Unemployment was at an all time high across the state. Application after application, resume after resume, I was getting nowhere. I decided it was time to create my own job, so I cashed out my 401k and Founded Dalespets LLC. We now have 3 full time employees and are a viable part of the community. We are doing well because we care. We care about your pet and you. We have a grooming salon that allows you to see all. We treat your pet with the utmost priority. We believe this is the reason we are growing, and we will continue to do business this way. Here at Dalespets "Your Pet is Our Priority".

We groom all sizes of dogs from the smallest to the largest. I have training on most skin conditions. I also have no-heat dryers for your dogs' comfort. These use the room air temperature to keep your pets from overheating. I also, know many techniques for de-matting and shedding out coats. Just ask, I am glad to help explain the procedures.
If you have any questions about the care of your pet, I will be glad to help out, or if you need more help I will be glad to direct you to someone that can help.

At Bark you will find carefully selected high quality and fun products that will allure both dogs and there owners. We offer an array of baked pet treats as well as holistic dog food, grooming supplies, apparel, and accessories.