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After I moved away as a adult I took some with me and only having a couple of pets instead od 40 it lasted a long time. Both my current vet in Seattle, my previous vets in Sacramento and Philadelphia, and my farm vet have all advised me one time or another that the products are all the same including the fact that Merial buys the Fipronil & S-Methoprene from the same raw chemical producer. This is further backed by the fact that Merial sued Seagrants around 2010 not for trademark infringement but for PATENT infringement. That means Merial was suing because the products were shocker, THE SAME! My personal opinion and that shared by my vet is it’s ‘Pet Elitism’ as he calls it. Just another that makes folks better and more self important because they take better more expensive care of their better pedigreed pet. The same thing is common in the GMO fresh primal must be refrigeratorated boutique pet food that costs as much as a lot of the food feeding low income families. Get over it people, it’s the same shit. And I still does my cats with .5ml of the 89-132lb big dog.
Pet Armor Plus IGR For Dogs Fleas and Ticks! ~Product Review~
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I was sent to review with our dog a free sample of PetArmor® Plus IGR for Dogs Flea and Tick Topical. It helps to kills adult fleas, flea eggs, ticks and even chewing lice. Although I am also being compensated for my participation the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. I agree with Kerrie's review - I might as well have put water on my cat's instead of PetArmor
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I think the people who say this product does not work did not use it correctly. I have two cats and applied PetArmor to them because we had a flea infestation after all the rain that has been in New York. After reading many negative reviews I felt the need to try this product and leave a comment. After Two days of being treated my cats are flea free. I think this product works well and I will continue to buy and use this product. The negative reviews must be from people who work for or have stock in Frontline of Advantage. I am one very happy customer and so are my cats.Just applied PetArmor about 3hrs ago to the puppy we adopted from the shelter. She’s not infested, but has enough fleas to know they are there. I have already seen fleas coming to the top of her coat, not sure it is killing them though since when we see them we try to kill them ourselves just to make sure. So not sure of effectiveness yet, but will see. As far as price we bought it from Dollar General after refusing to pay what the other store I went to wanted for Frontline. I don’t know about other stores, but with the ones I went to it was about 1/8 the price of Frontline. With that said I really hope it does work and I am going to at least give it a good try. If I haven’t seen that it is really working by the time we can give her a bath after her spaying surgery I will give her a flea bath and later find FrontLine as cheap as I can. I see all the comments about comparing to Frontline and I think what a lot of people are doing is comparing it to FrontlinePlus, which is not the same as Frontline either. The PetArmor states on the box , if you read the fine print, that it is made by the same company that makes Frontline so they are benefiting no matter which one you buy so they have no real reason for false advertising. What I think is really going on is that when they developed FrontlinePlus they probably started marketing the original Frontline as PetArmor that way they are doubling their source of income. Anyway if the price your paying is as low as what I paid ,what is it going to hurt to give it a try and a real review instead of running other people down for their honest opinion which is what you came here for after all, at least that is what I came here for.