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A Dog Grooming Guide: Tools You'll Need to Groom Your Pet at Home
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You don't necessarily have to go to a to make your pet's coat look shiny and healthy or to keep those ears squeaky clean. Unless your furry friend will be entering the show ring or you want a professional cut, you can groom most pets from the comfort of your very own home. All you'll need are the right tools, plenty of patience, and maybe some coaching until you get the hang of it.
Find out what dog grooming supplies you need at home for do-it-yourself dog grooming to keep your pet looking and feeling great.
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We offer private, in-home pet grooming services for small dogs and cats in New York City. We are certified in pet grooming from the New York School of Dog Grooming. We are certified in pet first aid. We are specializing in small dogs (under 30 lbs.), new puppies, and special-needs dogs and cats (all breeds: domestics and exotics). We also offer in-home cat sitting services in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. AT-HOME MOBILE PET GROOMING
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Aussie Pet Mobile is a quality pet grooming service that offers an exceptional cleaning experience for your pet in the comfort and safety of your home. Your pet is part of the family, and should be treated as such. That’s why we never use cages or harsh chemicals during the cleaning process. We use products that are environmentally friendly and bring a highly organized, professional approach to animal grooming.Dirty, matted fur is not only smelly and unpleasant, it is also a breeding ground for fleas and ticks. Baths are also important if you or your pet suffers from allergies; allergens can accumulate along a pet’s coat and then be spread throughout the house. While some pet owners enjoy the bonding experience of bathing a pet at home, we also understand that many pets become very anxious when it’s time to take a bath. If your pet is resistant to regular baths, our experienced groomer will help your pet relax and enjoy the bathing experience. Regular bathing and grooming keeps your pet’s fur clean, reduces the risk for fleas and ticks, and supports your pet’s good hygiene.No aspect of home dog grooming requires as much devotion as brushing. Routine brushing keeps your pet’s hair clean and tangle-free, while keeping his skin healthy by stimulating blood flow, removing dead hair and distributing natural oils.Our dogs give us incredible benefits to our mental and heart health. They aid us in socialization, provide us with a special bond and love us unconditionally. When you look at all the positive factors a dog brings into our lives, why would we want anything but the best for them? We wouldn't, but did you know that in a poll conducted by PetSmart nearly half of all dog owners were not aware of the benefits that home pet grooming has on the over-all health of our dogs? (My Pet Gorilla)If your long-haired pet could benefit from a summer haircut, we recommend scheduling a professional trimming appointment. Many pet owners who attempt to trim or shave their pet’s fur at home end up over-trimming, which leaves a pet’s coat vulnerable to sunburn. Our dog groomer will cut your pet’s hair to exactly the right length, keeping your pet comfortable on warmer days without exposing your pet’s fur unnecessarily to the sun.From shampooing to hair trims and flea treatments, your pampered pet will go home looking and feeling great following a Pet and Home Care grooming! All of our dog grooming services are available at or can conveniently be scheduled