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Baby rats obtained from a breeder have been spared the trauma of being shipped off to a pet store, so they are less stressed. They are also less likely to be exposed to illnesses and disease.
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I’ve had my baby rats now for three weeks, every day so far I have spent time talking softly to them,treating them when they come out of their cage, I even picked them up a couple of times. They were brought from a pet store and were 12 weeks old when I got them. They are so nervous around me, I’ve read tons of blogs and every day spent time with them, they seem to be getting worse. Please help someone? Will it ever change? You can read Baby Rats's original profile below or view adoptable pets from this adoption group.
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When choosing your pet, the most important things to look for are health and personality. Some signs that indicate ill health are sneezing, wheezing, rattling, thin condition, ruffled stand-up coat, hunched posture, listlessness, discharge from the eyes or nose, diarrhea, bloated belly (not from being pregnant), and cuts or open wounds. A healthy rat or mouse will be curious, active, have a sleek, glossy coat, and be in good body weight. Pick out an animal that is curious and inquisitive when you put your hand in the cage and seems friendly towards you. They should be calm and friendly when you pick them up. Any prospective pet should never bite. Baby rats will nibble on your fingers and this should not be confused with biting. If you find a rat that “kisses” (licks), you have found yourself a very special friend. Try to buy from a reputable pet shop or breeder that knows their animals, has healthy stock, and plays with the youngsters from birth to socialize them to people. The best age to obtain your future pet is at the age of 5–8 weeks (mice), 6–9 weeks (rats)(females older then 6 weeks may be pregnant if housed in community cages) so they grow up with you.The Super Pet Deluxe My First Home for Critters is a good basic starter cage with small enough bar spacing to hold in baby rats, and reasonably enough space for adult female rats. We do not recommend this cage for adult male rats because of it's narrow depth, it does not allow the larger male rats enough room to stretch out. This cage folds down for easy storage or transport and is more ideal for very young rats. While it comes with a solid surface running wheel, the wheel takes up so much room in the cage that we generally recommend removing it unless you plan to eventually upgrade to a larger cage with a larger wheel for adult rats. There is enough room to hang a hammock in the upper right corner of the cage for added space, and this cage includes solid surface shelves and ramps to protect your rat's feet.The Super Pet My First Home Cage for Rats is a good starter cage for baby rats, but it's important to note that most rats will grow out of this cage very quickly and it is not suitable housing for adult rats at all. However, this cage made it onto our list of favorite cages for it's versatility. With small enough bar spacing to hold very small baby rats, this cage is small enough to be used as a carrier for vet trips, or a holding cage when you are cleaning your adult rat's primary cage and need a secure place for the rats to wait. If you want a small, portable cage in case of emergency, you can fit an emergency kit into the pan of this cage and keep it flat packed if you need to grab your rats and go. went to the pet store and couldnt help but to get this tiny cute baby ,i try to rescue feeder rats from time to time ..strange how they put feder rats in chinese take out boxes lol ..but hes not for eaten!!!!