Sewing Pattern - Dog / Cat / Pet Bed - 3 Sizes

Pet Beds DIY Pyramid, Igloo House for Cats and Dogs Sewing Pattern Butterick 5903 Cozy Critters
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Step-by-Step Instructions - These full color easy to follow instructions walk you through each step in completing your dolls new pet bed. There are pattern dimensions and full size pattern pieces included.
crochet dog bed pattern | Crocheted Pet Bed Sofa Crochet Pattern PDF | CraftyLine e-pattern shop
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The pattern below is for 1 skein of yarn, which will make a single round bed and a single layer square mat OR making a double thick pet bed. I will make notations within the pattern for these options. Free Pattern to Sew a Large Pet Bed - A perfect medium or large dog pet bed
Photo provided by FlickrKnitting pattern instructions to make the Doggy Snuggler Pet bed for small dog or animal
Photo provided by FlickrThis is a pattern to make a pet bed, worked in the round it is seamless and worked in one piece.
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I wanted to make a bed for my cat. The majority of the pet bed patterns I found are felted, which I wasnt too keen on. So I thought to myself “Self, you can make your own pattern…” and I did, I finished the first bed in one evening.This pattern works up very quickly, especially if you are only wishing to make the one layer pet bed; however, there are options with this pattern on how much (or little) yarn you want to use. The pattern, as it is written, should not use more than 1 skein of Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I suggest using a multi simply so it doesn’t show pet hair.Crochet this comfy bed for your furry friend using any acrylic or superwash wool you may have in your stash. Be creative and combine multiple colors (handy photo tutorial included in pattern) or make a statement with that funky variegated yarn your Grandma bought you last Christmas! For the classy crocheter, use linen colored yarn for a subtle spot for your pet to snooze.Detailed instructions for a felted pet bed of any size. Quantities of yarn are given for an average size cat bed or small dog bed (about 700-800 yards, or 650-700 grams of super bulky, feltable yarn). Pattern suggests a US #K crochet hook. Tips for felting are included as well as helpful photos of various steps.Sewing for your dog might be some of the most rewarding sewing you’ll ever do…because you just know that whatever you make for him is going to result in far more than just one future smile. Where our pets are involved, there’s just no end to the joy they bring and so the same goes for our doggy sewing efforts. We've done some features on in the past but this time we wanted to focus solely on one of the things that makes your doggy the happiest and put together a large selection of free dog bed patterns. A dog bed should be easy to clean and long-lasting. Be sure you choose a fabric pattern and color that will compliment your existing furnishings. Here are some great patterns to help you make the perfect luxury designer pet bed.

Using a soft upholstery fabric would make a dog bed durable and easy to clean. A canvas, denim, suede or sailcloth fabric would also be durable. Fleece and cotton would be a comfortable fabric to use for those who like their beds soft.

Memory foam could even be used for a cozy pet bed. A fabric that is expensive, but would wear the best would probably be crypton upholstery fabric. It is stain and moisture resistant.

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