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At Pet Mountain, we have the bird supplies you need at the prices you expect. In fact, many of our prices are discounted steeply. With relationships with all the major manufacturers, and our ability to buy in bulk, we have the ability to pass our savings on to you. In addition, many of us here at Pet Mountain have birds as pets. We get it and know what you need to enjoy your pet bird for many years to come.

Whether you need bird food, humming bird feeders, parrot food, bird cage decorations, bird perches, finch nests, bird books or bird toys, we have the exact supplies you require and can ship them to your home immediately.

You can get everything you need for your bird, right here. Shop for pet bird, avian and wild bird supplies now. Have a hummingbird feeder? Get your discount accessories and supplies here at Pet Mountain. How about exotic bird supplies? We have you covered there too. We stock discount bird supplies from over 25 top bird brands including Perky Pet Bird Feeders, Kaytee Bird Food, Living World Bird Toys, Zoo Med bird supplies, Super Pet bird products, 8in1 Bird supplies, JW Pet Bird products and many more. Got a favorite brand? We have the products you want.

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If you’re looking for a home for your domestic pet bird, cages also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Remember to choose your bird’s habitat based on the needs of their species and their flight patterns. Then customize them with supplies such as feeders, toys, cages and other available accessories. From flight cages and desktop habitats to play-top cages and chicken coops, we have the right home for every flighty fowl. Browse Petco’s wide selection of bird and chicken supplies and discover a beautiful and healthy way to create the perfect habitat for your pets. Spoil your pet bird with an assortment of bird cage accessories
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Your pet bird’s environment is a vital part of its wellbeing, and once you have selected the proper pet bird cage, the next step is choosing accessories. Imagine living in a house without any dishes, no comfortable places to sit, and no color or decorations. This is what an unaccessorized cage feels like to your pet bird. The cost of all these accessories can add up quickly, but there's no reason you have to purchase them all or even purchase them all at once. Decide what's most essential to your pet's health and happiness and base your purchases on that. In time, you'll accumulate a variety of accessories that will give your bird a better quality of life. Keeping a pet bird can be a joy, and half the fun is shopping for accessories that both enhance your pet's lifestyle and provide convenience and savings for you. With some product suggestions and information, you'll be well on your way to selecting the right accessories for your feathered friend. The Bird & Reptile Connection is roughly 40 minutes southwest of Boston, but it is worth the drive. It caters specifically to bird and reptile lovers and is dedicated to educating owners about their pets before they bring them home. It supplies stunning exotic birds and keep a gallery of the ones it has in stock on the website so it’s easy to choose a bird before making the drive. The Bird & Reptile Connection has easily one of the most extensive selections of bird accessories and food as well.