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If you have a bird, iguana or other pet check out Veterinarian Pet Insurance, (VPI) a division of popular insurer Nationwide. It’s probably the largest and well-known provider of exotic pet insurance.
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Some of the larger species are quite expensive and therefore owners may wish to take out pet bird insurance. Pet bird insurance will cover death due to illness or accident, theft of the bird, public liabilities and equipment related to the bird, obviously depending on the type of insurance you select. Offering free and affordable pet insurance for your dogs, cats and birds.
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Your homeowners insurance policy likely covers some incidents that have to do with your pets, but not all. For instance, if your pets or other animals in your care cause damage to your home or property, that is not likely to be covered by your policy. Similarly, your dog, cat, bird, or fish are probably not included in the types of personal property that are insured against theft, damage, or loss—such as your electronics and furniture.Nationwide is unique when you consider they insure birds and other exotic pets in addition to cats and dogs. In fact, Nationwide earned the top spot for Avian and Exotic Pet Insurance in our round-up of . This includes all types of animals from rabbits and hamsters to iguanas and snakes. Because treatments needed by these types of pets are very different and commonly more expensive than treatments for cats and dogs, a special policy is necessary to make sure they receive an appropriate level of coverage. Note that you cannot get a quote for birds or exotic pets on Nationwide’s website so you must .In addition to providing quality pet insurance for cats and dogs, Nationwide is one of the very few companies that also has policies available for birds and exotic pets. They offer a wide variety of plans to choose from, though pets must be under 10 years of age to be eligible.As part of the Nationwide family, VPI now represents about 70% of the pet insurance market for dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets across all 50 states. Continuing that legacy, Nationwide employs almost 500 people at our Brea office.Founded in 1980, VPI is the oldest and largest health insurance plan for pets in the US. VPI plans cover dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for medical problems and conditions relating to accidents, illnesses and injuries. Optional vaccination and routine care coverage is also available.Some pet insurance policies cover only certain dog breeds. Others might not cover your pet bird, hamster or snake. Read the fine print to ensure your specific pet is covered under your insurance policy.