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Shelmar Kennels are Houston dog training and dog training Katy experts. We provide board and train programs for all breeds of dogs.Is your dog jumping up on everyone, barking, pulling on the leash, charging the door, hates the UPS guy with a passion, fighting with other dogs, running away, not listening to you, terrorizing the kids – or even completely out of control?We can help! We have 40 years combined knowledge in the dog obedience world – Shelmar kennels was established over 20 years ago.We have solved thousands of dog problems then successfully taught their owners how to handle the dogs and make sure the good dog behavior stays!Dog Training Houston TX programs of Shelmar Kennels. Martin and Shelly have been providing ‘in our home’ and puppy boot camp, board and train dog obedience for the past 20 years.Martin and Shelly Bell own and operate Shelmar Kennels dog training Katy facility on a slice of doggie heaven, 20 acres fully high fenced all around in the Katy prairies.When you need a , we are the best training facility and dog trainers in the area.We are located just outside of Old Town Katy in a country, 20 acre setting – completely surrounded by an 8 foot high fence.The dog training Katy facility was designed to replicate a dog park, teaching dogs the situations and distractions that owners will encounter with their pet in daily life.
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Dog boarding near me Katy TX is a search frequently made in the Houston metropolitan area. Dogs are popular pets in Texas, but it’s often completely impractical for pet owners to bring them along when traveling. Specifications can help get the right results in a search for dog boarding near me Katy TX, especially if it leads you to Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. Pet Boarding deals in Katy, TX: 50 to 90% off deals in Katy
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Dogs love to be home, and they prefer to be nowhere else. A search for dog boarding near me Katy TX means a pet owner is likely in a conundrum. It’s often very difficult to leave a furry family member behind. Rest assured that at Dog’s Day Inn, we understand this struggle. Our focus is in our determination to make our special guests feel snug and stress-free. We use televisions to create the typical sounds and sights of Texas homes. Adding televisions has been an effective approach to enhancing our homey milieu. A staff member is assigned to bond with each dog throughout the dog’s stay. The human-dog bond is emotionally powerful. This dynamic is highly beneficial to dogs. To provide a calming effect to pet owners, we offer the option of surveillance. We have a closed-circuit system that allows live views of pets, from wherever the owners may be.The Circle Lake Ranch Kennels is not only the newest dog boarding facility in Katy, TX., but what truly sets them apart from other dog kennels in Katy is the personalized attention the team members always strive to offer. According to Spitzenberger, dogs are walked six times a day, and if appropriate, they participate in group play activities and individual petting sessions. There are no additional charges for individual care and attention. “The dogs particularly enjoy the walks by the 3-acre lake, there is something truly appealing to them about the great natural scents around the lake…”, said Spitzenberger. A large swimming pool will soon be built for exercising dogs who love water. Dog grooming and daycare services are coming soon.Dog’s Day Inn is a great place for dogs who crave perpetual activity and play. Add “swimming pool” to your search for dog boarding near me Katy TX, to give your dog a bona fide tail-wagging experience. Our full-sized swimming pools at our locations in Atascocita, Cypress, Kingwood, and Katy are a source of great joy for all of our special guests. Dogs will receive 20-minute swim sessions, as long as a signed release from a veterinarian has been provided. In addition to swimming, we have spacious play yards with romping room aplenty.Investing in quality pet care that makes dogs happy is important to many pet owners. What could make a dog happier than swimming? We have a full-sized swimming pool at each of our dog boarding kennels Katy TX. When you’re looking for a sense of reassurance that your dog will have a tail-wagging time, a pool is a good answer. Dogs usually adore frolicking in the water. Swimming is excellent exercise. Each swim session is 20 minutes long, which provides an adequate workout.