You can add extra coverage plans to your pet insurance policy.

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Ask your vet to help you calculate the price tag for a potential worst-case scenario. The cost for vet services varies according to geographic location, so make sure you’re buying a plan that will cover you for as much as you need if your pet ever needs extensive care. Your vet can help explain the costs of specific treatments and give you an idea of how high the total could climb, allowing you to be better prepared during a crisis.
You can cover your pet for illnesses – from ear infections and stomach issues to cancer.
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Spot Pet Food Can Covers can be 3 dog or cat can food lids. Pet food can cover will protect your pet's used food from bacteria and odor absorption. Small~Dual Size~2 1/4" & 2 5/8"~Can Lids/Covers 4 Pet/Cat/Dog 2 & 3 oz Food Cans
Photo provided by FlickrThere are a lot of options for pet food can covers on Amazon, here are a few:
Photo provided by FlickrKeep your dog or cat's canned food fresher with this Pet Buddies can cover. The cover is made from silicone for durability, is dis
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Aero Pet® walks the walk with these can covers!
Keep your pet’s food fresh and odors out of your refrigerator with these versatile lids. THEY ARE SAFE | Safety was our chief concern in the design of our lids. As pet owners ourselves, we place a heavy importance on keeping our furry companions out of harms way. Our can covers are FDA approved and BPA free, eliminating your pets food being exposed to harmful toxins. In addition, if your pet happens to chew and ingest pieces of the lid, the material is non-toxic. THEY WILL FIT | Our Universal can covers fit small, medium, and large size dog and cat food cans up to 3.5 inches in diameter. In fact, through on-going tests, we have not yet found a standard pet food can this cover will not fit. Keeping open cans of pet food fresh can be a real challenge. At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we manufacture and market plastic pet food lids that can help to keep dog and cat food as fresh and appealing as the day it was purchased at the grocery store. Our seal-tight design ensures that even the most finicky pets can enjoy the second half of the can of food, saving consumers time and money when purchasing pet supplies for their four-legged companions. The clip strip included on our pet food can covers makes it easy to display these items prominently for impulse buys and quick sales.These from ORE Pet can help you easily store leftovers in the fridge for serving later. Made from flexible silicone, the can covers are dishwasher safe and they’re made to fit three different can sizes. Sold in sets of two in four hip colors. Available from .Trupanion offers one plan with no payout limits. Choose any deductible between $0 and $1,000.

Pays 90% of the vet’s bill.

Covers diagnostic tests, surgeries, hospital stays, medications, veterinary supplements, prosthetic devices and mobility carts.

Covers hereditary and congenital conditions, including hip dysplasia.

Financial strength rating: Not rated by A.M. Best (American Pet Insurance Co.)