Plastic Screw Caps for PET Bottle, 28mm

PET 500ml, uses PET screw caps, available in singles or case of 24, clear or amber
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But since I have lots of glass bottles now, I err on the side of caution with my PET. I mark the caps and the bottle neck rings and throw caps and bottles in the recycle bin after the 4th use.
PET 1L, uses PET screw caps, available in singles or case of 12, amber or green
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"If you pet is having trouble due to joint issues, you must try this product! 2 weeks ago, my 12 year old Cattle Dog COULD NOT stand up. Acupuncture worked for a bit and then the legs just failed and nothing helped. We had to carry him everywhere. I give him 6 capsules a day. After 7 days, we noticed he was able to take small crouched steps. By day 14 he is walking again - not like a puppy - he's not getting cured, but he's walking by himself! TRY IT!" Sure can. I have been re-using the plastic caps on PET bottles for 10 years now.
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Packaging design is a key factor on the use of the products. For packagings that require the application of biomechanical forces, some features may favor or hinder the user's ability to open them. In soft drink PET packaging, the cap features play an important role in the application of forces and perception of the activity. The aim of this study is to evaluate two models of PET bottle caps widely used in Brazil. The study variables are the torque force exertion and thermal images of the hands of the subjects before and after the attempts of opening. This study has an exploratory and experimental character and included 16 subjects of both genders. The materials include one single PET packaging model properly adapted for the purpose of the study; two cap models with different characteristics; a torque transducer; and a digital thermograph. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and tests for mean comparisons. The results point out that the cap design may have influenced the opening forces applied, but not the temperatures measured at the evaluated points on the subject's hands.One of the best things about these caps is that they are reusable much like the PET bottles are. This can save you money in the long run. Just make sure when you go to reuse them that they have been cleaned and are sterile.These PET bottle caps are perfect for any home brewer that makes use of plastic bottles for home brewing. These caps have just started to become more and more popular as they offer a cheaper & safer way of sealing your beer in a bottle.If you have used PET bottle caps for home brewing before and would love to say how your experience was when you were using them, then feel free to drop a comment below.Finding where to actually buy PET bottle caps is harder than it sounds. I personally found that I needed to go to a specialist kitchen shop to find them for sale. If you’re looking online, they’re a lot easier to find. has a pretty good range of PET caps. Since most bottles have the same sized opening they should work on pretty much any plastic bottle.Pet preforms caps, pet preforms closures are manufactured at its state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008 and Quality certified facilities strengthened by the world-class equipment.