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Our dog hammock seat cover protects your car or truck from pet hair and dirt.
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As I stated earlier, this is a hammock style seat cover for dogs, so it protects your back seat, the floor and the back of your front seats. The quilted design offers more padding than the MIU PET seat cover (discussed below), but not quite as much as the Epica car seat cover.
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The classic quilted pet seat cover is a feature that’s truly timeless, but what if you want something that’s more modern and minimalist? If that's what you're looking for, this hammock pet car seat cover from company known as NAC&ZAC will meet your needs. Carscape Duragear Pet Travel Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover - Sears
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The benefit of custom-fitted covers is that they can be contoured to either the front or back seats, which comes in particularly handy if a vehicle's rear seats are split. The hammock-style seat cover drapes across a back seat from the rear to the front headrests, creating a calming feeling of suspension for a dog. Hammock covers protect the floor from dirt, debris, and accidents while also preventing an animal from jumping into the front seat and distracting the driver. Cargo mats are particularly useful when planning to let a pet rest in the very back of a large van or sport utility vehicle, as they can be easily stretched out and are often quilted for extra comfort.Aesthetic, non-slip, and manufactured using a high quality polyester fabric, this hammock-style pet cover seat by Krunco is a well-built, high performance accessory that fits most cars. It is machine washable, non-slip, and creates a waterproof PE barrier that protects seats for spills. It is also comfortable, has extra side flaps that offer greater coverage, and an eye-catching design with quick release clips for easier installation.
This Pet Car Accessory is a great way to keep seats clean and free of pet hair, mud and other spills that can damage your car seat leather or cloth covering. Our back seat Hammock is designed with clip on's that can be attached to the front seats head rest to prevent your pet from climbing to the front seat of the car and causing distractions while driving.

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waterproof seat coverWhen you invest in any of the dog car hammocks we’ve mentioned above in our list of the best pet car seat covers, you really aren’t only protecting your car seats from any accidents or mishaps that may happen with your dog, you’re also protecting your car seats from similar issues that may occur with anyone else that’s riding in your car as well.The WAHL Pet Travel Hammock / Car Seat Cover protects your vehicle sears from damage and prevents injury to your pet. It provides ample room and support for your pet. The WAHL Travel Hammock / Car Seat cover is adjustable to fit cars, SUV's, vans, extended and crew cab trucks. (# 858452)The DLX Pet Travel Hammock stands out as Duragear's most fully featured seat cover for pet travel. Sized for a passenger car, minivan, SUV, or truck, this seat cover stretches across the back seat area and attaches to the front seat. This protects the four-legged rider from falling on the floor, while also making it more difficult and less enticing to make the leap into the front seats. The driver can attach the hammock on both sides of the back seat or on one side alone, allowing for a human rider in the back seat as well. This hammock model also includes a wide variety of extra features, including attachments for and pockets for maps, books, and other human travel accessories. Dual-sided, it offers machine-washable, waterproof fabric on one side and soft, comfortable fleece on the other. This makes the Duragear DLX hammock ideal for long trips, walks in the muddy park, and everything in between.