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DL Dogs Pet Care provides quality dog walking, feline care, in home overnight ..
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even when you aren't there! Dogs and cats are creatures of habit. Although our canine and feline family members descended from their “wild” cousins (wolves and lions) and retain many of their characteristics, they are quite attached to you—the pack or pride leader, and their home. So when you are away from them on travel or working late, and they are boarded at a kennel or pet hotel, the two things that give them the most comfort—you and their home—are absent. FurPals® treats yours as ours, providing loving care in your home while you are away. We are not only professional pet sitters, but also pet owners, so we can relate. In our complimentary initial consultation we meet you and your pet and customize visits that will maximize your pet’s comfort and your value. The next time you travel or work late, let FurPals® provide special care for your special pet, and become a member of our extended family. Less Traumatic – no transporting; flexibility in your schedule; pet stays home
Sarah’s Pet Care created the “long day” for clients who don’t want their dogs to be home alone for extended stretches.
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Mengel, head of primary care service at Penn School of Veterinary Medicine, Ryan Veterinary Hospital, noted that the report included rehabilitation and physical therapy costs, too, which can be a big part of medical care for some pets — dogs that have broken a leg, or need hip replacement, for instance. Typically rabies vaccinations for dogs have 3 year efficacy. VIP Petcare strongly recommends annual fecal testing for all dogs.
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Our 27,000-square-foot pet care center offers boarding, daycare and grooming for dogs, cats and other family pets in a safe, healthy and fun environment.Dogs need to be outside regularly. When you head out to work, Becky's Pet Care can walk your dog and keep her on schedule. Just let us know what time you need us, and we'll give your pets all the care they deserve. Our trained Pet Care Professionals have been serving Northern Virginia for over 18 years. We guarantee the highest-quality service at an all-inclusive price, which means you don't have to worry about extra fees for medications or additional pets. We're professionals, so we only charge you for the time it takes to care for your pet. No matter what services you need, Becky's Pet Care will be there every time to keep your pet fit and happy at home. Take the time to focus on your work with the peace of mind that your dog is in great care.What is the difference between daycare and day camp?
When your pet stays at Best Friends for daycare, he is boarded in one of our comfortable doggy suites. Day camp is a group socialization session: dogs spend the day in exercise and play with other dogs under the supervision of a trained counselor.We at OC Animal Care love all breeds of dog. We understand that visitors may search for a lost dog or forever pet based on appearance or a "looks like" breed. Any description of dogs with respect to breed is solely based on visual appearance. The actual breed of any dog may be different than its “looks like” designation. OC Animal Care makes neither a guarantee nor representation as to the true breed of the Dog nor any connection between the described breed and the Dog’s temperament.