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Allowable pet carrier dimensions vary for each airline, and in some cases even the seat
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In fact AA even mentions this fact on their site where they say, "The maximum size for cabin pet carriers is 19" long x 13" wide x 9" high. Soft-sided pet carriers such as Sherpa bags may exceed these dimensions slightly because they are collapsible."
have a truly large pet you may want to look at other carriers that have larger dimensions.
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I'm traveling with my pup in a few weeks for the first time, and looking for the appropriate dimensions that can fit under my seat. Any suggestions as to which carriers I could purchase or any other tips for traveling with your pet for the first time would be greatly appreciated! When pet including cage is bigger than the dimensions of the carry-on ..
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Photo provided by FlickrRefer to your bike manufacturer's suggested maximum load. For sanitary reasons, we cannot accept returns on Pet Carriers. Dimensions: 12 in. H x 19.5 in.
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If your dog or cat meets the requirements listed in to travel in-cabin, you will need an approved . You must notify US Airways that you are traveling with a pet and arrive at the gate early enough to be included in the quota of pets allowed on the flight. Reservations cannot be made online. Required carrier dimensions are as follows: Southwest accepts hard-sided carriers up to 17 inches long (43 cm) x 16 inches wide (40 cm) x 8 inches tall (20 cm) and soft-sided carriers up to 17 inches long (43 cm) X 16 inches wide (40 cm) X 10 inches tall (25 cm). Carriers must have a waterproof bottom, hold your pet securely, have ventilation on at least 2 sides and enough room for your pet to stand up and turn around.In Cabin Pet Travel: contact the reservation department of the airline and notify them that you are flying with a pet. Most airlines allow only a limited number of pets in the cabin so make your reservations early. Ask the airlines the dimension under the seat in front of you on the plane that services your route so you know what space your have to work with. If you do not have a flexible , you need to get one. The airlines will require that your pet can stand up and turn around in the carrier. Do not stuff your pet into a carrier that is too small. Neither one of you will get on the plane.Anyone know the maximum dimensions of a in-cabin pet carrier for Delta airlines. I have looked all their website, googled the same and not found anything in writing.Every Airline has its own set of regulations in regards with in-cabin pet transportation. Make sure you check with your airline regarding
the necessary documentation needed (health certificates, pet passport etc), the costs involved, the # of pets allowed per plane, and the dimensions needed for your carrierAllowable pet carrier dimensions vary for each airline, and in some cases even the seat. Although it's rare, some airlines assign different carrier limits for particular seats, meaning you may have more or less space than the person next to you, due to restrictions on under-seat space. Some airlines don’t allow animals to travel in the passenger cabin at all. Among those that do, carrier size regulations differ by a few inches. Frontier Airlines boasts the largest carrier size permitted at 24 inches wide, 15.5 inches deep and 9.5 inches tall, but that size is only allowed on some of its aircraft, according to Frontier data. Alaska and United share the tightest size restrictions, with a maximum size of 17 inches wide, 12 inches deep and 7.5 inches high for hard-sided kennels. Both airlines allow for slightly larger kennels if the sides are soft.The Lufthansa web site that in-cabin pets must weigh less than 8 kg (including the carrier) and the maximum dimensions of the pet's carrier are 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm (21.7 inches x 15.75 inches x 8 inches).