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Buckle-Down pet collars and leashes feature the same great brands and logos as our other products
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Welcome to Sandia Pet Products where we offer retail store owners and groomers high quality wholesale pet collars and leashes in a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, horses, and yes, even ferrets! Our product line includes both design-in-the-webbing and ribbon-on-nylon. Several of the designs reflect our local Southwestern motif with striking colors and bold patterns. Shoppers are immediately attracted to the distinctive beauty of our displays. High quality hardware and our superb workmanship ensure satisfied customers and repeat business. Retailers may browse our online store and choose matching combination products. We make our leashes, collars and harnesses all in the same patterns so you can properly accessorize cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, horses and ferrets. We also make harnesses especially for ferrets with matching leashes.
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Buckle-Down pet collars and leashes feature the same great brands and logos as our other products. This allows owners and pets to show solidarity in favor of their chosen comic characters, vehicle styles, and artists. Collars, Leashes & Tags - Petland Discounts, Inc.
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Dog Collars, Dog Leashes, Dog Harnesses. Our company designs all of ribbon for the pet collars, leashes, harnesses, and also the ribbon used with our sandals, key chains, and headbands.We support the RISPCA and pet adoption with a free collar and leash for every adopted dog. That's over 600 dogs, and counting, starting their new lives "Up Country style"! It's our way of saying thanks and giving back.The bright graphic designs cover both the collar and matching leashes, for a perfectly appointed set that makes frequent walks a joy. Try stocking pet products alongside human ones, and see how the money flows when man’s best friend is in the picture. We also have melamine dog bowls.If you enjoy coordinating your pup’s look, many of the dog collars available matching leashes and harnesses. In addition to meeting your pup’s fashion needs, all standard dog collars also feature D-rings so you can easily attach your pet’s leash and tags. Some of these even feature a tag silencer so small and large dogs can shake and move without making a racket. Check out our long-line cotton leashes in a variety of colors and two widths. These make excellent training devices. For pets participating in agility training, we offer designer agility tabs. Pets can train in style with matching tabs, collars, and harnesses. Similarly, we offer clicker-trainer waist belts for pet owners who are involved in clicker training. When pets get thirsty, we offer two types of water bowls. The self-filling water bowls provide the pet with fresh water all day while the owner is away. Multiple colors make these water bowls a great display item. Put them near the checkout to grab your customers'€™ attention. For pet owners who hike, camp, or just take Fido or Kitty on long trips, try our folding water bowls. They come in three sizes and a variety of colors and trims. A small snap makes them easy to attach to a belt, backpack, or the dog's harness. Finally, don't forget our specials. From time to time, we have an overstock, and we offer great prices to clear our inventory.Pet Collar, Black, Adjustable 16" to 20"; Imprintable White Panel (.75" x 12"). Decorative collar, not suitable for pets that twist or pull leading to high stress on buckle. Great for putting the name and address of owner on collar. Bundle with our DyeTrans Sublimation Leash () sold separately....