Pet Corrector spray and training guide.

We found the Pet Corrector spray worked better for us - still a loud noise, just a different kind.
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Pet Corrector Training Spray is a safe and effective tool for stopping canine nuisance behaviors such as barking, jumping up, chasing and stealing (aka counter surfing).
Pet Corrector Spray 50 mL Stops Barking Training Aid Aerosol Spray Can #StopBarking #BarkingRemedy #PetCorrector
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The Pet Corrector is is a handy air-pressured canister that emits a noticeable "pssst" sound that interrupts unwanted behavior such as excessive barking, aggression, stealing food and jumping. When used responsibly, and with proper training, the Pet Corrector can eventually stop undesirable actions. Just one spray of pet corrector and your dog will stop the bad behavior. It's just a loud noise, but they really do not like it. After a while you don't even have to spray the can, just showing it to them will stop bad behavior from starting. Pet Corrector Spray 50 mL Stops Barking Training Aid Aerosol Spray Can #TheCompanyofAnimals #PetCorrector #Dogs
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It was nice being able to test the Pet Corrector spray to see if it worked before spending $9.99. I liked this product. The first time I tested it was during a walk with my dogs. My Rottweiler usually zones in on dogs who walk by, and the Pet Corrector snapped her out of her stare. The hissing sound is loud, but not so loud that it would hurt a dog’s ears. It sounds like the hiss from an air compressor or the canned air that you use to clean your keyboard.SO...I am very very surprised to find that this pet corrector spray works. It is unreal how it just instantly changed the behavior. I read about it on this forum and then read a ton of positive reviews, so I had my hopes up, but still did not expect such great results.The fast results from spraying the Pet Corrector is result enough for me to keep buying the spray. Working from home, it gets noisy having three dogs barking at once, and everything I’ve tried to get them to quiet down doesn’t work as well as the Pet Corrector.Stumbled on this site and very happy I did! I bought a pet corrector spray reluctantly today as a desperate attempt to break a certain habit with my dog. Wanted to check how to use it sensibly before spraying it within his earshot. I was unsure about how to use it without completely freaking him out (sheepdogs are naturally wary, suspicious and sensitive creatures) and the word association seems to make sense to me….he is a quick learner and I hope that he will catch on pretty fast!This time, I got out my pet corrector, opened the back door and as Cooper wandered in and Holly started barking, I gave it a little spray. I was a bit worried about how Cooper would react. I sprayed, told Holly to be quiet. Cooper didn’t react, just waited for his biscuit, Tiggy didn’t react, and Holly STOPPED barking. Still not convinced, I went about my usual routine, we went out to the yard, watered plants, came in, all three dogs in tow. Went in to sit on the couch, waiting for Holly to get protective of her home and bark at Cooper and I waited, and I waited. She didn’t bark, not once.This product has saved my 5 month old labordoodle airadele mix for rehoming. He is in training and has a great personality, he is pretty good he had to very bad habits , he is very aggressive when playing he bites so hard blood was being drawn, he would get you from behind and drop me to the ground as he bite my calf or ankle, and my cats liter box became his drug, my last option was a shock collar, I don’t like them! But I wanted to give my sy every chance before giving up. After being bite very hard I went to the pet store and was going to by the collar when I saw the pet corrector by the muzzles. I have to say, as he came at me from behind one lil spray into the air and he goes and lies down, and when he tries to get to the cat box I command leave it he backs up and when he moves forward I give it a lil spray and he goes and lies down this has restored a peace in my home and has now made it possible for him to be in the home again. Please give your pet a fair chance with training and pet corrector for the impossible.