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Here you can find replacement covers for Armarkat Pet Beds
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The faux fleece & sherpa replacement dog bed covers provides an easy to maintain option for your dog bed. The easy to replace covers t most standard dog beds and are available in 3 colors. This cover’s chew-resistant zipper guard helps protect your pet from chewing the zipper.
If you have any questions regarding which dog bed cover is right for you and your pet feel free to contact us.
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Featuring a convenient wipe clean design and a water-resistant construction that withstands abuse well, Molly Mutt Armor offers value. If you have an indoor dog bed, for instance, that you find hard to clean occasionally, this cover will better your experience. It contains sweat, water, and moisture well. Maintenance is straightforward using clean soapy water and a sponge, while its convenient 27 x 36 x 4.9-inch design is ideal. Whether you have a medium-sized or large pet bed, your dog will enjoy the invaluable experience this cover offers. This item is a replacement cover for the coolaroo pet bed
Photo provided by FlickrReplace your worn out pet bed cover or keep a spare for in between washes.
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Perfect for use with jumbo dog beds measuring up to 55 x 47 x 4-inches), this internal duvet from Dogbed4less is a valuable indoor accessory. Zippered, this pet bed cover is easy to fit and remove. The 100% Taffeta fabric used to make it is light, comfortable, and 100% waterproof, and is hand washable design easy to clean. If you have an old dog with bladder problems, therefore, this accessory will benefit you immensely. It is also perfect for individuals with puppies and those looking to keep allergens, dust mites, and molds off beds.In web stores, duvet covers for pet beds retail in numerous appealing shapes and designs that work well. For a comforting and memorable experience, however, this 44 x 39-inch model from Dogbed4less works best. Made of a lightweight Taffeta fabric, for instance, this cover is non-irritant. It is also super-quiet and lacks chemical and or physical irritants that might compromise your dog’s personal health over time. If your dog has bladder issues, this cover will serve you well. It is 100% water-resistant. It also has a well-finished breathable weave that keeps bad odor out and a concealed internal zipper that comes in handy during fitting and cleaning.Do you have a supportive foam bed (memory foam) that your dog uses every day? To get a fitting cover that contains spills well and prevents odor, bacteria, and allergen build-up, Pet Dreams is one of the best. Available in white, it has a charming and somewhat contemporary outlook that blends well in homes. The 100% wash and dry cotton terry fabric used to make it is 100% water-resistant. Sizing is convenient (42 x 28 x 3-inches), while its zippered design is easy to fit, remove, and therefore, clean. Forget about the annoying plastic covers that most people use. You get a comparable level of protection with this one without generating annoying plastic sounds.Dogs are cute pets that improve the well-being of individuals. To keep yours comfortable while protecting its bed from moisture and urine at the same time, this headrest cover from Big Barker works wonders. Durable, comfortable, and without the annoying crackling sound plastic covers make, it is perfect for sleeping and lounging. Liquid and moisture resistance are top-grade, and while its superior stress-tested design withstands scratches and tears over time. As the sleek edition listed herein, this cover is 100% USA-made. It is also 100% chemical-free and has a special ability to prevent odor and allergen build-up over time.With the development of sleek covers such as this white-themed model from Big Barker, dog bed no longer have to look boring and unkempt. Buy one for your dog to get a valuable day-to-day accessory with many desirable attributes. Made of a water-resistant hospital grade fabric, for instance, it contains liquid and moisture well to keep beds dry and odor-free. The fabric is also durable, relatively easier to clean that cotton or terry fabrics, and has a sleek design that dogs appreciate. This novel pet bed cover is 100% USA-made, quiet, and recommended for both protection and improving comfort levels.Top on our list, this Dogbed4less liner is a heavy duty and waterproof bed cover that benefits small to extra-large pets. Attainable in blue, it is stylish. The quality cotton denim used to make it, on the other hand, has a washable dual-layered design that resists scratches and other forms of abuse without losing its charm. Finally, whenever your dog is sleeping, forget about the scratches and or irritation your plastic cover predisposes it to. This 40 x 35 x 4-inch cover is luxurious and has a non-irritant gusset style zipper that eases its removal.