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How to Groom A Yorkshire Terrier
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Watch Sue Pratt take you step-by-step through grooming a Labradoodle.
The pet trim on this Labradoodle is designed to be practical and easily maintained for the owners, while still retaining the cute and fluffy look of the Labradoodle. To achieve this the body has been clipped on a 10mm comb attachment and the same comb attachment has been used on the top and sides of the face. The rest of the head, legs and tail are then scissored, using chunkers and straight scissors, to produce a nicely balanced trim. The groin, armpits and hair under the ears are clipped short to help prevent matting in what are common problem areas for owners to keep knot free. Longer comb attachments can be used for a fluffier look and you can trim the body closer using up to a 7F blade if needed, however care should be taken to ensure legs blend well into a short length body.
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Summer is in full swing, and temperatures are heating up nationwide. We know that as a responsible pet parent, you want to do everything you can to keep your best four-legged friends cool. So when you look at your Pomeranian, Golden Retriever or long-haired cat wearing a thick, fluffy coat, you might feel tempted to break out your grooming tools and give him a serious hair cut. COOKIE CUTTERS PET GROOMING
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Our groomer, Jessica Self, is one of the friendliest people you will meet and has been a certified pet groomer since 2004. She has been working within the companion animal care field since 2000. When you bring your pet in for a grooming session with Jessica, your cat or dog will receive a bath, nail trim, ear flushing and breed-appropriate hair cut or lion cut for cats.“Thank you to mobilepetcuts. You did such a great job on my Shih Tzu, Reggie. He looks fantastic and this is the first time he was not completely stressed after a grooming. I will definitely pass your information on to others!”If needed, Jessica will also do a scissor trim cut. If you bring a photo in with you, she will do her best to match the cut she gives your pet to the photo.In the summer months I look around and see the shaved Golden panting just as much as the thick coated Husky – when it’s hot, it’s hot regardless of what you’re wearing. However, one point to consider is this: taking your pet short in the warmer weather will help those pets that are prone to skin issues and can be helpful in locating fleas and ticks. Shorter cuts, while they may seem to be more work because you have to make regular visits to the groomer, actually make for much less work in the long run. No mats, less fur to catch things in, easier to wash and dry, the list goes on.Are you looking for cute Maltese Haircuts? Or perhaps just some great tips and pointers on how to groom a Maltese? Well then you are in luck because today I have a great tutorial of how I do a darling Maltese Puppy Cut on my precious little Maltese. Whether you are an experienced groomer or have maybe never really groomed before or don’t really feel confident in your grooming ability, please take a close look at my tutorial I hope you get some great grooming information here and give it a go. Most people see grooming their Maltese as something that is normally done by a professional dog groomer. It can seem to be a very difficult task for the average pet owner. However, with the correct training, a few grooming tools along with patience and persistence it can become a money saver and also wonderful bonding time for you and your Maltese. Below, in our tutorial, we have groomed our little Maltese pet “Porsha”. Today she is in just one of our Maltese haircuts. Although there are many Maltese grooming styles out there, the Maltese puppy cut is popular and one of my favorites.Does my pet still need a coat or sweater when it gets really cold? If your answer is yes and you can’t wait to break out the designer doggie clothing, then by all means, bring it on! However, remember that these cute sweaters and coats love to mat hair, so again, maintenance is key.