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That's why Dirty Dog 4x4 came up with this ingenious Wrangler JK Pet Divider
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As long as you route the seat belts through the lowest portion of the netting, the Dirty Dog 4x4 Full Cargo/Pet Divider will allow full functionality and accessibility of the rear seat seat belts.
More than just a pet divider
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Travall is the world's leading producer of vehicle-specific guards and dividers. We design and manufacture guards and dividers for more vehicle makes and models than any other company in the world. In such a competitive market you might be wondering what sets our guards apart from the rest. The answer is simple. Unlike many generically manufactured car barriers, each Travall Guard is designed and manufactured with your vehicle in mind. Engineered to give you the perfect fit, you’ll find our guards complementary to your vehicle’s interior. They're also free from the rattling, a common attribute of lower quality, universal barriers. Constructed using your vehicle’s interior specifications, our bestselling pet barriers are simple to install and to remove as needed. GMC Yukon Pet Storage & Dividers - Free Shipping - JC Whitney
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For curious pets we recommend the , the ideal companion piece to our bestselling barriers. The addition of the Travall Divider gives drivers the opportunity to maximize their vehicle’s available storage space using an adjustable compartment system, while ensuring inquisitive noses are kept well away from any groceries they may be traveling alongside. For drivers with multiple pets our dividers offer each companion their own space within the vehicle. Of course; if you’re traveling with multiple pets you may want to consider the wear and tear of muddy paws and claws on your vehicle’s interior. Luckily, Travall has you covered. From our hardwearing to our flexible our selection of vehicle-specific products is guaranteed to enhance the comfort and safety of pets and passengers while ensuring your vehicle’s interior looks as good as new. Manufactured from premium materials, you can see and feel our dedication to quality in each and every one of our Guards and Dividers. Show your passengers and yourself a little love by installing one of our vehicle specific pet barriers. Our goal is to create a superior product that’s the perfect combination of cost and quality. We include a on all of our Guards and Dividers.Each and every one of our pet barriers is designed for your specific Volkswagen, giving you the perfect fit every time. We want to help keep you and your passengers safe, whether they are on four legs or two. Universal pet protectors often lack strength and stability, two things our Travall Guards and Dividers have in abundance. We also include a on all of our pet barriers.The Dirty Dog 4x4 Pet Divider is perfect for keeping your pets and cargo in the back of your Jeep. This product features a simple on and off install, and is made of durable, heavyweight material. The Dirty Dog 4x4 Pet Divider comes in a variety of colors, and three different looks. The Cargo Pet Divider is netting the connects to your roll bar and covers the full length behind your rear seats. The Cargo Pet Divider (Short Divider) is the exact same as their full length divider except that the netting stops right below the headrest. Dirty Dog also offers a pet divider for directly behind your front seats. All of these dividers are simple installs that will keep your pet behind the divider. The Cargo Pet Dividers will NOT work with a 2 Door JK.