Petsafe Universal Pet Door Installation Kit

There are TWO types of Autoslide Pet Door Kits:​​Automatic mode to Pet Mode!
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Our High Tech Pet Power Pet Door Battery Charger Kit charges your Power Pet door battery in about 4 hours. This convenient charger kit allows you to operate your Power Pet door in "battery only" mode eliminating the need for an AC wall connection. This kit includes one model B12V-1.3 battery, charger base and AC adapter. You can eliminate any down time by purchasing an extra model B12V-1.3 battery. Use one battery in your Power Pet door and keep the other in the charger base. When your pet door battery runs low, just swap. Battery change takes less than 30 seconds! For use with all High Tech Pet Power Pet Doors.
External charger kit for your Power Pet door battery includes charger base, AC adapter and one rechargeable 12 volt battery.
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The wall kit will come standard when you choose a wall model above. You may also purchase the wall kit separately if you already have adoor mounted Ruff Weather pet door. This wall kit works with theOriginal Ruff Weather as well as the Protector Series Ruff Weatherdoors. AUTOSLIDE™ Pet Doormat Kit
Photo provided by FlickrFind replacement door flaps, installation kits, closing panels, and additional keys/collars for PetSafe® doors.
Photo provided by FlickrRemove the pet door template from the package. Cut out the template openings as shown in the directions that come with the kit using scissors.
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The optional STEEL DOOR TRIM KITS are designed to cover the raw metal edge on a cut door and to provide a flat surface on a panel style metal door to make mounting your pet door safe and secure.The cost of a pet door kit itself ranges between $80 to $200, while installation labor costs around $150. "Keep in mind that if you have an entrance door and a storm door, you'll have to cut and install two pet doors," Vecchio says. "It can get quite pricey."Vecchio suggests homeowners purchase their own pet door kit, paying special attention to the size that will fit their cat or dog. Sealing the space around the door with a high quality silicone caulk will help reduce energy loss, he says, adding that the caulk can match the trim of any house.Use the slide that comes with the door kit to keep other animals out when you are away or asleep. Make sure your pet is safely inside before closing.Automatic Pet Door Kit includes two wireless push buttons for human use and selected pet sensors. Once Autoslide is fitted to the existing sliding door, door can be opened automatically by humans either via the wireless push buttons or via the built-in pull assist, where just a gentle pull of the door handle will activate a full open. Doors will automatically close after the adjustable time delay.​​With the motion sensor pet door kits, one wireless battery operated motion pet sensor is mounted on the inside of the house to let your pet out and the other wireless motion sensor is mounted on the outside for your pet to come back in. When your pet is within the beam range of the motion pet sensor, the sensor sends a signal to the Autoslide system to automatically open the door for him or her!Motion sensor pet doors are recommended for pet owners with very small pets such as kittens or chihuahuas that are unsuitable for wearing collars, or for pets that do not like wearing a collar or pet owners who do not have any concerns of unwanted animals entering their homes. (eg. possums, raccoon’s). Also recommended for extremely large pets such as Great Dane and pets with long necks like Greyhounds. (ie. not suitable for i3 Collar ID option)​NOTE: Infra-red motion sensors are light sensitive and will NOT work well with totally black colored pets. We recommend black colored pet owners use the i3 Pet Door Kits instead