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Our Custom Pet Door Inserts for Sliding Glass Patio Doors Are A Great Addition To Your Home.
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A - A frequent misconception is that all sliding glass doors are the same height. People frequently say "I have a standard height sliding glass door". Not necessarily so. In fact, sliding glass doors vary in height from around 74" to over 10 feet in height and the maximum adjustment range of any pet door is only about 4". So, you really should take a moment to measure before you purchase.
The vinyl-framed pet doors will be thicker to more nearly match vinyl-framed sliding glass doors.
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A: The 'Overall Panel Width' column under the size chart will tell you how wide each panel is. You can find out if there is enough space to still use your sliding glass door by subtracting the overall panel width of the pet door from the total width of the opening of your sliding glass door. → Same features as our in-wall pet door, except this unit simply fits into your existing patio sliding glass door frame.
Photo provided by FlickrLet your pet join you out on the patio or outside deck with a sliding glass door insert or pet screen door.
Photo provided by FlickrA: There are numerous methods for locking your house when using a pet door panel or cat door for sliding glass door:
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Would you rather not cut holes in any walls or doors inside your house? Do you have a sliding glass door with aluminum frame leading out to the patio? Then the Fast Fit Pet Patio Door™ with all of its customizable options is right for you.The cat door is a semi-permanent panel insert for vinyl sliding glass doors. The panel attaches to the track with latches. Unlike other panel styles, which easily snap into place, installation of this pet door requires several tools. The Ideal VIP 150 Hefty door panel uses a dual pane Low E glass set in a vinyl frame for better insulation. Before purchasing this door, consult whether the sliding glass door is compatible with this cat panel. The flap measures 7.5 inches x 10.75 inches and has a 4 inch, non-adjustable track. The flap uses a manual four way locking mechanism.The Ideal Fast Fit Pet Patio is a cat door panel that snaps into the existing track of a sliding glass door. This pet door panel has an optional outdoor key lock available for added convenience. This tempered glass pet door has four flap size selections. The small flap, which measures 5 inches x 7 inches is the smallest available size and the one best suited for cats. The Ideal Fast Fit Pet Patio door comes in three adjustable heights. Use the provided security lock to keep the door secured in the tracks.Our Patio Pet Door is custom built into your existing sliding glass door frame. We can also replace the frame if you prefer, but only the glass is required. These sliding glass pet doors, available in white or tan, feature Made-in-the-USA fusion-welded vinyl, dual pane tempered safety glass, and an Endura™ flap pet door. These make it the highest quality, best looking, and most energy efficient pet door on the market. Wonder if this pet door is right for your pet? Contact Advanced Window Products, and we'll answer any questions you have and give you a free, no-commitment pet door estimate.Are you tired of letting your pet in and out at the most inopportune moments? All of that is about to change, and you can solve this problem without having to cut an unsightly hole in your existing door or wall. The Sliding Glass Dog Door from Advanced Window Products can give you and your dog some much-needed freedom!Inexpensive pet door inserts have flooded the market. These contraptions, usually single-paned glass in an aluminum frame, wreak havoc on homeowner's utility bills because they are designed to be cheap, not energy efficient. On the other hand, the sliding glass pet door from Advanced Window Products saves big in the long term thanks to the insulated safety glass, dual seal silicone, and highly energy efficient vinyl frames. Last but not least, it features a major upgrade on the most important part of any pet door: the pet flap.