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Set exit permissions for each pet to keep specific pets indoors using DualScan technology
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We spotted another so-called automatic dog door on the internet recently which appears to be a knock-off copy of the mechanics used by an older, discontinued Power Pet model. The Plexidor electric doggy door uses an extruded aluminum frame which is not as strong or stable as the composite ABS polymer used on the Power Pet Door. It may seem like metal should be stronger than plastic however, with a highly tooled injection mold it is possible to engineer a structure that is far stronger, more rigid, impact resistant and temperature stable than a hand welded aluminum extrusion. Power Pet Doors are less unlikely to jam in extremely cold or hot weather. Additionally the RFID system used by the Plexidor requires a large collar key suitable only for large dogs. The Plexidor does not have directional sensing, safety retract, 4-Way Access or individual range controls. And we can't understand why such an inferior electronic pet door sells for over $1,200.00!
Manual versions may be used in a non-electronic mode; motorized pet doors cannot.
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Electronic doors read the unique collar key on your pet's collar. You can program which pets can use the door and also when they can use the door. Electronic doors give you more features for controlling your pet's access. You can even view when your pet used the door each day with the Passport door. A: The Thermo Panel 2e Microchip Patio Panel pet door can be used for sliding doors.
Photo provided by FlickrSet exit permissions for each pet to keep specific pets indoors using DualScan technology
Photo provided by FlickrSet exit permissions for each pet to keep specific pets indoors using DualScan technology
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Pet Door - Dog Doors and Cat doors are made of different types of plastics. Weather and pet usage determine the life of a pet doors flap and frame. Flaps will distort in shape creating a breech in their insulating properties. Plastic frames can crack and change color due to extreme weather conditions. This is why we recommend the Endura Pet Door. The materials used are superior to any other pet door made.

The Catwalk cat doors flap is made of a polycarbonate plastic. It is used to make bullet-proof "glass", though “bullet-resistant” would be more accurate. One of the problems with other cat doors is the flaps will break. Not with the .

has an aluminum frame. Its unique flap has air pockets built right in for added insulation. This door will last for years. It is all about the flap. They are available in a and a

We also offer a , Built into a panel that fits in your sliding window and that has the Endura door mounted in it.

And a , Built into a panel that fits in your sliding glass door with the Endura door mounted in it.

If you do not buy one of these pet doors, in the near future, you will wish you had. See all of our other great products under

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Care Free Pet Doors offer the finest pet door available for any applications. We are offering what we consider to be the best dog doors and cat doors on the market. If you need assistance in choosing a pet door, please call or email us. We would be happy to help you find the right pet door.

The is a huge 2-day event, and it is British Columbia’s only all inclusive pet industry trade show. The PlexiDor dog doors and cat door are well suited for harsh climates, and stand up to the Canadian winters. It is difficult to find products that will keep cold, rain, snow, and wind outside, but the PlexiDor poses an effective barrier to the elements. It also keeps summer flies and other nuisances outside.PIJAC stands for the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council. is a non-profit dedicated to representing the Canadian pet industry, and to the highest level of pet care. Each year the organization arranges a number of trade shows and events around the country, and PlexiDor pet doors visited the Western Pet Expo that took place in Richmond, BC, May 4 to 5 2014.If you are not completely satisfied, please return your pet door in new condition within 30 days and we will return 100% of your purchase price less shipping and handling (Ideal and Autoslide products have automatic restocking fee - details on product description pages). Custom made doors are not refundable. (* except oversize items like custom Thermo Panels over 96") If you need your pet door shipped by air, please call customer service so that we can expedite your order. See our page for more info.