Pet Grooming Dryers Used by Show Dog Professionals for over 30 years

1/4 HP, 300 CFM, 12 Amps Professional Dog Grooming Stand Pet Dryer with Heat and Anion...
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As the best pet dryer on the market today, the B-Air® pet dryer makes it simple and safe for a pet owner to dry their dog after a bath. Thus, you may be able to save time on pet grooming by picking up a .
3 HP, 150 CFM, 12 Amps, Variable Speed Professional Dog Grooming Force Air Pet Dryer with Heat
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In addition to other grooming essentials, the tool which is required to enhance your pets charm is dog hair dryer. The high-velocity dryers make the after bath and grooming process a waft. Using the dryer after the bath ensures that your dog’s coat is thoroughly and entirely dry. If you are a dog owner, you appreciate the complicacy of this challenging job. 4 HP, 150 CFM, 15 Amps, Professional Dog Grooming Force Air Pet Dryer with Heat Brushless...
Photo provided by Flickr4 HP, 150 CFM, 12 Amps Professional Dog Grooming Force Air Pet Dryer with Heat Brushless...
Photo provided by Flickr1 x Dog Pet Grooming Dryer Hair Dryer(will send plug adapter according your shipping country)
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When you have a pet dog or cat, it forms part of the family. Therefore, it is important to take care of it to avoid complications and make it beautiful. Many times people do not understand the importance of grooming their pets. You will find they have rough hair coats, yet there is equipment designed to keep your dog hair dry and smooth. A pet dryer is a device similar to human hair dryers only that they are designed for pet fur. They are larger and produce less noise than hair dryers produce. Now, in this review, we are going to look on the top 10 best pet dryers in 2017. It will assist you to identify the ideal one for your pet.Fido Max 1 is an essential tool used to build these stronger relationships by providing owners with a safe and effective way to home groom. Fido Max 1 is a powerful, yet quiet, force dryer built with high-quality materials and designed to deliver high-performance results. It repels water from the dog’s coat efficiently and safely without using heat, preventing rashes and over-drying of the dog’s skin. It is ideal for pet owners, mobile grooming units, self-wash stations, pet grooming salons, and dog-showgrooming. Fido Max 1 is a safe and certified product that will not only help to ensure a happier and healthier dog, but also a happier and healthier owner.Drying your pets should not be a headache anymore, pet club grooming hair dryer is designed for a stylish drying. It has a faster drying ability thus no much time is used when grooming your pet. It comes with two adjustable speeds as well as two adjustable temperature controls. If your pet is noise phobic, the machine is suitable as it has low noise production. The device is durable as its hose is non-puncture. Power usage is 2400W and 110volts air speed. It is available in black color. 100 degrees, 30 minutesThe groomers explained that Sushi had been in a cage dryer — an electronic box with a heating element used to dry a pet after it has had a bath. Vieira reported that Keith Bushey took pictures of the dryer’s control panel, which showed that it had been set at 100 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. There are many reasons to wash and dry your pet at home. In addition to lowering grooming costs, there are several other perks to home grooming…Busy salons that need to dry several dogs at once use dryers that provide hundreds of cubic feet of airflow. This lets them dry a few dogs in one area, while they go groom another client. Many dryers warm the air around them by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as the air directly in front of them, creating a comfortable environment for damp dogs to sit in. Most dogs don't understand commands like, "Turn around" or "Lift your leg," so rather than hoping for flexible pets, groomers look for dryers with long, bendable hoses.