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The main purpose of outdoor pet enclosures is to keep dogs away from danger. If you want to allow your dogs to play in the yard without straying too far, you should definitely use a pet enclosure. But make sure that the enclosure will be able to withstand whatever assault the dogs will subject it to. If you want, you can purchase enclosures that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Some manufacturers have designed their products in a way that they can be customized or re-assembled depending on where you are going to put them.
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Another option for outdoor pet enclosures for cats is to build one yourself. If you have a small spa outdoors or want your cat to enjoy being outside without worrying about traffic or coyote attacks, this is an easy and cost-effective way to construct a sturdy enclosure for your cat for under $200. The do-it-yourself cat enclosure is created from wire storage cubes and zip ties. You'll need several bags of the ties. Extra high 77″ tall stylish Indoor Pet Gate Enclosure for dogs and cats. Built in dual-swing door.
Photo provided by FlickrExtra high 77″ tall stylish Indoor Pet Gate Enclosure for dogs and cats. Built in dual-swing door.
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Pet Enclosures Northwest creates an environment that your pet will enjoy, where your pet can have fun watching the birdies, smell the roses, relax or snooze breathing the fresh air. If your pet is bored stiff and needs that extra room outdoors free from the dangers of itinerant wildlife look no further: we have a solution for you!Our favorite construction is a maintenance-free enclosure made out of galvanized or stainless steel wire mesh with pathways made out of cedar planks. This is a rugged construction that gets its rigidity from the heavy-duty wire mesh and the solid planks that hold it together. Unlike products that are solely designed to keep cats or dogs contained, this construction will protect your pet from predators like raccoons or coyotes.Our enclosures are suitable for both cats and dogs (possibly your bunny or other pet, too). Every enclosure is custom-designed and custom-made to fit into your environment: We design pet enclosures for houses, apartments or condos: in your back yard, on your deck, on your balcony, along your garden wall, or in your window. Together with you we will design that perfect enclosure for your pet, construct the parts and install your pet's new play pen at your home.These PVC dog and pet enclosures can be arranged in any configuration you need, and the available door panels, stabilizers, floors, and whelping accessories ensure that you can customize your enclosure to meet your exact needs, and best of all, Our puppy pens won't harm your pet's teeth or damage their coat.Pet Enclosures Northwest makes large outdoor enclosures, small outdoor enclosures, but also window enclosures, all of which allow your pet to enjoy the outdoors from a protected space. And with a water-resistant cover on the roof your pet will want to spend time outside even when it's raining.So. Does anyone want to help me put together a masterpost of pets organized by enclosure size? Or if there’s already a good one out there, could you guys point me in the right direction? It seems like there’s a pretty high demand for something of the sort and it might be a nice recourse to have on this blog.