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Despite not being a ‘simple’ as people believe, Zebra Finches are wonderful pets.
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The keeping of finches is a worldwide hobby! These delightful little birds are found native throughout the world and there are hundreds of species. Finches are very attractive and active. They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and personalities. Some have been kept as pets for over 500 years!
Canaries are best kept as a single pet or in a cage with non-aggressive finches.
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Canaries belong to the family Fringillidae, or true finches, along with goldfinches and siskins. Some differences exist between these types of finches and the species commonly found in the pet trade, though. Many of the pet finch species belong to the family Estrildidae. One of the most notable differences between these two families is the shape of their nests. In general, however, they share similar physical characteristics such as the shape of their beaks and their small size. Many of the differences come in the different types of canaries and species of pet finches. Keeping Zebra Finches As Pets cage birds regular exercise outside pet care trust
Photo provided by FlickrA vampire finch on the back of a booby bird. Photo by Pete Oxford/NPL
Photo provided by FlickrA wide variety of finches can be found in the pet industry and from finch breeders. A list of finches that are commonly available include:
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Care must be taken when using perches that attach to the cage. I had one pet society finch get her leg/toe stuck in betweenthe cage and the perch. When I found the finch she was hanging upside down in the cage by her toe. She injured herself severely bythrashing around trying to free herself. I thought that she wouldn't survive, but finches are tougher than they appear and thankfullyshe made a full recovery.A finch with a varied diet will usually not need vitamins, however, if you only feed your finch one type of food (such aspackaged finch seeds) then you may need to supplement their diet with bird vitamins available at the pet store. However, you mustbe very careful not to overdose your birds. More vitamins isn't better and may harm your birds.You can find good quality finch food at your pet store. Buy a food that states that it is specifically for finches. You can also supplement their diet with bird treats, such as honey sticks,and also with fruits and vegetables from the grocery store. You can give them foods such as oranges, apples, grapes, cherries, matchstick carrots, and parsley. Be sure the vegetableshave been thoroughly washed before giving them to your birds. Remove any uneaten fruits or vegetables from the cage within a few hours so thatthe food doesn't spoil and make your birds sick. I've even had some pet finches that prefer to take all of the nesting materials and build their own little nest in thebottom corner of the cage floor. The finches that I've had do this have built quite elaborate nests on the cage floor and theyseem very happy in the nest they've made themselves and tend to ignore the store bought nests. For a list of foods that are harmful to finches (and most pets) please see the article .This article also provides tips for getting your finches to eat more foods than just seed.If you intend to breed your zebra finches make sure that you know what you are going to do with the babies after they hatch. Not all pet stores willtake zebra finches off your hands and don't necessarily trust your friends to take proper care of your surplus pet birds (unless you know that they will because theyare responsible pet owners).