pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.

If you want to keep pet fish learn what you need to pick the right ones and keep them healthy.
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“Weyelid spending this money on a dog, cat or child, so why would we value our beautiful exotic pets any less? Many people struggle to respect the bond a person can have with their bird, guinea pig, reptile or fish until they have kept these creatures themselves,” the vet added.
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Having an aquarium in the home is good for children because not only does it decrease their anxieties and calm them, it helps them learn about biology, chemistry, responsibility, and inspires creativity and thinking in children. It is a pet that they have limited responsibility in caring for and can still watch and observe the behavior of the fish. Children can learn about different fish species, how they breathe underwater, how to take care of an aquarium, and in more advanced aquariums, they can even learn trade skills like plumbing and carpentry. Their imagination and creativity are engaged when they have to build the playground of the fish and set up different components of the aquarium. When kids complete tasks and they achieve their goals, their self confidence grows. If kids are able to recognize a need in the world of fish and fill it, it is a valuable social skill to apply to people. Protect your pet fish so that they can enjoy a long life as a part of your family.
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I accompanied Fitzpatrick up to the South Bronx because a man had been trying to sell his alligator on Craigslist. We didn’t find the alligator but Lieutenant Fitzpatrick kept talking about these illegal, super-expensive pet fish that were coming into the city and were the bane of his existence. At first, I was not interested. I am not a fish person. I thought of pet fish as a boring subject. Then I started digging into it deeper.When I first began to research the Asian arowana, one name kept coming up: Kenny the Fish, aka Kenny Yap. He is the kingpin at the center of the glamorous world of Asian aquaculture. He is the owner of one of the largest ornamental fish farms in Asia and notorious in Singapore for posing nude behind intricately placed aquatic pets. When I showed up at his farm he was seated behind a pink and turquoise desk under the inevitable photographs of him posing nude with strategically placed pet fish. You write, “The human species is unique in its compulsion to tame and nurture nearly all other vertebrate creatures.” Why do people keep pet fish?Cats, dogs and possibly rabbits – these are the three animals that cross most of our minds when we think ‘pets’. However, there’s a dark horse which has swiftly crept into third place – it’s the fish.Mine is not the only life to have been corrupted by this fish, either. While I was reporting, someone in New York ended up in a high-security prison for his involvement with the fish. You think of a pet fish as this innocent thing, a reminder of childhood. But the Asian arowana is an agent of chaos throughout the world.Admittedly, they’re never going to be appealing for the doting cat or dog owner – the person that will always keep cats or dogs for as long as they live. Fish perhaps serve the modern-day person much better though, as we’ll now mull over ten reasons why they have emerged as one of the most popular pets in the country.