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My neutered male 15 year old, indoor only Cat has for the first time in his life-fleas. He AND I are miserable for him. Took to Vet, he has flea allergy causing loss of fur, a scraping shows no flea bacteria,etc., thank goodness! I had put FRONTLINE on him and after 11 days, fleas were worse. Vet says they have had many complaints about FRONTLINE NOT controlling fleas(good for ticks). They highly recomment Advantage and put it on my cat-all symptoms have improved. I have been flea combing and vaccuming every-other day(removing bag). I have not experienced any fleas on me and have no other pets in the house. Flea must have “ridden” in house on me or friends who also have outdoor cats. I have sprayed yard with a flea treatment spray. I will deffiniterly stick with Advantage!
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Using flea control on your dog all year round is highly recommended. Using flea treatments in the warmer months is most important as that is when fleas are at there worst. Most tick preventions only last for 2 weeks at a time, so make sure if you are in a high tick area that you keep your dog treated at 2 week intervals. Dogs should be tested for heartworm by a vet before using any of our heartworm prevention meds. Many of these treatments can be used in conjunction with each other. More information on each product can be found in the product category pages. Always use these pet medications as directed. Find Pet Flea Treatments Online. Search Faster, Better & Smarter at ZapMeta Now!
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NexGard contains a brand new ingredient not used in any other flea and tick protection. Afoxolaner, the ingredient in NexGard, works by absorbing rapidly and safely into your pet's bloodstream and causes uncontrolled activity the fleas' and ticks' central nervous systems, which causes death. Afoxolaner is slowly excreted through your pet's metabolism, which allows NexGard to continue to provide effective treatment for a full 30 days. This means amazing protection in a tasty morsel! NexGard is a prescription-only medication, so talk to your vet.We started with 68 medications — collars, chewables, shampoos, sprays, and spot-ons — to choose from. These were the most common over-the-counter flea treatments for dogs available online and in stores, including 1800PetMeds, Petco, Drs. Foster & Smith, and PetSmart. If you only need to treat an existing flea problem, consider an oral medication. We liked , a chewable treatment that looks and tastes like a dog treat. It starts killing fleas in under an hour, and you don’t have to worry about contact with other pets or children after application. The downside is that it only kills adult fleas — it won’t prevent against future generations, so you’ll need use it daily until your home is flea-free. One of the major advantages of the K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Control Treatment is that it does not only kill fleas and ticks that are present on the animal’s body but also helps repel these critters as they attempt to approach your pet. Compared to Frontline, K9 Advantix flea treatment has the added advantage of exerting its effects within the first 12 hours upon topical application. What’s more, K9 Advantix II kills all reinfesting fleas in under 2 hours. Like Frontline Plus you will have to apply Advantix every month. The greatest advantage of K9 Advantix, as we have already pointed out, is that it repels these pesky bugs and critters including other vectors of diseases. This is certainly a welcome development if you live in heavily infested areas. You can integrate K9 Advantix II in your comprehensive environmental control program of eliminating the nests of these pests in your backyard and property. So, if you like the idea of repelling critters so your canine friend will be able to roam freely in the open, then K9 Advantix II is an excellent choice. It kills all fleas and ticks in all of their life stages. When it comes to its repellant action, it’s even effective against biting flies, mosquitoes, and lice, all of which carry potentially lethal microorganisms for our pets.