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Christensen adds that “Today it is more important than ever that pet owners are vigilant about the quality of the foods they give their animals…Even some jerky treats that claim to be made in the U.S.A use meat imported from China.”
Sad too, because so many of those Made in the USA pet food class actions were filed in California.
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The suit states Wysong falsely labeled certain pet food and pet treat products as made in the USA, when it allegedly includes “vitamin, mineral and amino acid packs that contain ingredients sourced outside the U.S.” Susan Thixton, owner  website and an expert on Pet Food Regulations and Safety
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Pet Wants was created in 2010 out of desperation and inspiration. The founders of Pet Wants, Michele Hobbs and Amanda Broughton, noticed some serious health issues with their beloved pets. Problems began to appear and quickly worsened. Many frustrating trips to the veterinarian’s office and several thousand dollars later, they decided to take matters into their own hands. They discovered the problem was the low nutritional value of the food they were feeding their pets. As pet parents, they felt terrible... like they had let down a family member. They were shocked to learn that the nationally recognized premium brand food they had trusted for their pets did not include the best of ingredients and actually lost most of its nutritional value from sitting way too long in warehouses and then on store shelves. That was unacceptable. There had to be a better way. Pet Wants was born.Pet food manufacturers should not be afraid to answer your questions, least of all a manufacturer that uses a "Made in the USA" label on its pet food. Who formulates your diets, and what are their credentials? Where are your diets produced and manufactured, and can this plant be visited? These are just you should be prepared to ask a pet food company you are currently buying from or are considering buying from.Because manufacturers know consumers look for specific ingredients when purchasing pet food — like the words “chicken” or “real beef” — they incorporate these names into their labels. Fortunately, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has specific rules when it comes to the percentages of named ingredients in a product and pet food labels sold in the USA. Not sure where to get this info? Start with our slideshow on "."Additionally, health conscious consumers themselves are consuming more fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, and they expect the same for their furry family members, said Susan Hua, co-owner of Los Angeles-based Bioethics Pet Food.In the modern pet household, the “Made in the USA” designation is a powerful influence when it comes to dog food selection. The 2007 melamine crisis brought ingredient sourcing to the front line of consumer awareness, and the movement continues to escalate.Terrorized by the endless flow of well-publicized food safety horror stories involving imported goods, consumers feel safer choosing pet products Made in the USA, than take a risk with pet food that might contain foreign-sourced ingredients.