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I have been a carpet cleaner for over 20 years. I don’t mean to sound rude but all those machines are made primarily for small areas and spot cleaning. There are a few different kinds of child and pet friendly solutions on the market which I use but it’s not all just about the chemicals. It depends how long the stain or spill was there, what is the stain and is it permanent,what kind of carpet you have, air circulation once the job is done, are people walking on it right away, and many other factors. One being the ph balance in the solution and the amount of residue left behind after cleaning. A carpet needs to be as residue free as possible once cleaned or what ever is left behind will act like a magnet and just attract dirt again. When you say the word shampoo it makes me cringe because it contains too much soap,=residue, and the Biggest part you may be overlooking is the Rinse. I use a Truck Mounted machine which costs about 35,000 dollars, a bit more than yours right. My point is, use your machine for small areas and spot cleaning and leave the big job for the professionals who know exactly what they are doing, hopefully. Believe it or not the money you spend on the carpet cleaning is well worth it, and when done on a regular basis- every 12 to 18 months depending on the traffic, your carpet will last you many extra years. At appx. 25.00 dollars a room, a house with 6 rooms to be cleaned will cost less than most cable bills.
Cleaning techs shampoo your carpets using organic, environmentally friendly solutions that are safe for kids and pets. Los Angeles. 70+ bought. $110 $44.
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Over time, carpets collect spills, drips, and dirt. Most carpets require expensive steam cleaning or shampooing in order to remove stains, but our stain-guard carpets are specially treated to resist staining. The fibers of this pet-friendly carpet are coated in a product that repels liquid, so spills will roll off this carpet like water off a duck’s back. This feature makes it an excellent choice for pet owners. The next time your dog or cat has an accident, cleanup will be a breeze. Cleaning safety tips for dog owners
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