Dart Frogs as Pets: A Breeder Tells You What You Need to Know

Captive-bred poison dart frogs are available from breeders, at pet stores and at reptile shows
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Experts suggest obtaining a pet frog from local rescues if possible. “I recommend rescuing from places such as a local herpetological society or bonafide reptile rescue,” said Mede. Fabretti and Claricoates also advocate for animal rescues. Frogs can also be found through species-specific breeders and pet stores. Asking friends with pet frogs or an exotic animal veterinarian in the area may also help you find your best options for adopting or where to go to buy your frog, she added.
of frogs from breeding establishments, and the escape or release of frogs kept as pets.
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Pet animals in general, especially pet frogs, provide excellent educational opportunities. Frogs are fairly common classroom pets for just this reason – my girlfriend has a small vivarium with a trio of dart frogs in it, and she uses them to convey ideas and concepts to her biology classes almost daily. Frogs are considered an indicator species – when something is going wrong in the environment, they are some of the first animals to suffer. Pet frogs are great way to introduce the necessity of a clean environment and man’s impact on the planet. Many species of frogs will also readily breed in captivity, providing a great lead-in to a conversation on the birds and the bees, as well as the life cycle of an amphibian and the concept of metamorphosis. Jump to Choosing a Pet Frog - Familiarize yourself with some good beginner breeds
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In addition to dealing with crickets, the Whites tree frogs need a little more care than the Firebellies need, simply because they live best with humidity and are happiest when the tank is sprayed with water once or twice every day. However, as far as Tree-Frogs go, they are by far one of the easiest to deal with and hardiest species available to be kept as pets! are absolutely NOT a beginners frog. Even though these frogs lose their toxicity in captivity, their care is very complicated and these fragile beings have very specific requirements for healthy captivity. I don't even want to write up any care sheets because I myself am not expert enough to tackle the complicated procedures for proper care of such breeds.Solomon Island Leaf Frogs are a colorful terrestrial frog from the Solomon Islands. Bred for the pet trade by Josh’s Frogs, Solomon Island Leaf Frogs actually skip the tadpole stage, and make fascinating pets. Make sure to check out our video on . Don’t forget – healthy, captive bred Solomon Island Leaf frogs are available right now at Josh’s Frogs – to check them out!Also called the Yellow Banded Dart Frog or Bumblebee Frog, the Dendrobates Leucomelas is another popular pet frog. This frog has black and yellow bands that stretch across the body when young. As it ages, the band break into spots. Poison dart frogs are one of the most colorful and fascinating pets in the reptile and amphibian world. These frogs display a variety of interesting interactions and have some of the most complex breeding behaviors in the hobby. Unlike most amphibians, poison dart frogs are diurnal (active during the day), so all of their activity is carried out right before your eyes! Because poison dart frogs are relatively small, they can be housed in a beautiful "slice of the rainforest" terrarium with lush vegetation, waterfalls and even orchids.