PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat

PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat -- Check this awesome product by going to the link at the image.
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Canadian cats can now get their paws on the awesome products from PetFusion! Their coveted scratcher/lounge, the new raised feeding dish, and the SmartGrip Litter mat are all available from .
PetFusion SmartGrip Litter Mat
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One lucky reader is going to get a PetFusion SmartGrip Litter Mat! The winner will get to choose gray or beige. To enter, please . The winner will be selected in a random drawing and announced on May 5, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada. PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat. Large (35 x 24 inches) *** Find out more about the great product at the image link.
Photo provided by FlickrAnother example is the mat by PetFusion which has small indentations and an outer channel to catch the pieces of litter.
Photo provided by FlickrSmartGrip Cat Litter Mat in Non-Toxic PVC & Modern Design - PetFusion
Photo provided by Flickr
What is different about the PetFusion SmartGrip kitty Litter Mat, is that the material is soft and picks up moisture like a sponge. My cat loves digging his paws into the soft comfortable material of the mat after he uses his litter box. He loves this mat, and it absorbs all the mess.PetFusion just launched several new options for the and this week two lucky winners will each get to choose their favorite! The SmartGrip Litter Mat is one of the best litter mats on the market. The soft material and large surface area help to keep litter from scattering throughout the house, plus it’s easy to keep clean, just sweep or vacuum and wipe it down with a damp cloth or sponge. With the new color and design options there’s now a broad selection to match any home or lifestyle.Before buying the PetFusion SmartGrip kitty Litter Mat, I tried all types of mats with different litter boxes. No matter what, litter would get everywhere, and it would be a pain to clean but ever since trying this mat with my cats I have seen nothing but positive results.This also comes with a lovable design that will motivate your pet cats to stay in the litter mat, and avoid jumping and running just to avoid this product. And since this is made with a lovable design, this can work as a home decor too. Another great thing about this unit is its size- this is one of the larger mats available in the market, measuring 35 by 24 inches. And when it comes to clean-up and maintenance, this PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat will not give you headaches. You can wipe this clean using a damp cloth, or you can rinse this with clean water and pat dry before using it for the next few weeks.Sometimes, the effectiveness of the cat litter mat will depend on its size and the choice of materials. This is exactly the combination adopted by PetFusion in delivering a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing cat litter mat. This mat is made from PVC and free from vinyl chloride and phthalates, which makes this product a healthy unit for your cat. Although the cat litter mat is made from a tough material, this product is known for its soft material, which you cannot find in many mats available in the market.The pet fusion smart grip cat litter mat is among the as it is not only quite safe for the cats but is also highly comfortable. Also, the soft surface of the mat adds a feather to the additional benefits of the mat.