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What is Better than a Pillow Pet? A Pillow Pet that Glows in the Dark!
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Glow Pets are magical and incredible stuffed animals that actually light up. They are mainly intended for nighttime, because they essentially glow in the dark and diminish the common fear that kids have of the dark. Glow Pets were designed by the makers of Pillow Pets, and can be used as super soft and cuddly pillows as well as stuffed bedtime toys.
Glow Pets are the perfect gift for any child of any age. Here are some product benefits:
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Glow pets are the amazing light up pets that are also an extra comfy, soft pillow. Simply press the button and your pet will turn on a soft glowing light that creates a magical environment to help your child fall into a restful sleep. They are also great for playtime, sleep overs, story time, or anytime. Each pet has LED lights that create a glow without producing any heat and the built in timer automatically shuts the light off after 20 minutes.

Order Yours at In 2012, Dream Lite Pillow Pets were introduced, along with Glow Pets in 2013.
Photo provided by FlickrGFP leucitic axolotl they glow in the dark! popular pet in japan, i hear.
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Glow Pets from the makers of Pillow Pets. This year's trend in the pillow pet frenzy is glow pets. Super soft and these critters glow beautifully at night so make a really fun nightlight for a child's bedroom.
To create its product, Yonder Biology first ensured that it could maintain a steady supply of dinoflagellates. They also found that polyethylene-based plastic was the best container for the algae, and it showcased the glow effect the best. The Dino Pet container can hold about 500 ml (17 oz) of salt water, dinoflagellates, and the nutrients required to nourish them.For the full review, where it's in stock, and how much it costs, visit

Pillow Pets are two-in-one toys that allow kids to have a stuffed animal and a 16-inch pillow. The new Glow Pets, along with being a cuddly and comforting toy, have 20 bright LED lights inside, turning the Pillow Pet into a nightlight. The Shimmering Seal has purple-and-pink fur. Press the button on the seal's left front flipper to turn on the lights. The lights inside the pillow do not heat up, keeping the pillow cool to the touch so that kids can comfortably cuddle up with or sleep on the pillow while the lights are on. Parents can choose the timer option on the battery pack so that the lights automatically turn off after 20 minutes.Q: I want to make my non-American friends some Glowing Sushi. How do I travel with them?
A: Travelling with these fish gets you into murky legal territory. It all comes down to labeling - are you transporting food, a pet, or a GMO? Each of these categories are handled differently by customs officers and are subject to different laws in various nation states. However, Zebra Fish are originally from South Asia, and labs all over the world use glowing zebra fish in their research, so there must be possibilities available for international travel. Your best bet is to talk to your local customs officer. If you are feeling adventurous, try freeze-drying them, which should preserve them temporarily without denaturing them too much. This will keep them glowing!Glowing Sushi is a byproduct of business innovation
in the life sciences.
Innovation is very often doing something that
"wasn't supposed to be done".

ZebraFish weren't supposed to glow.
Glowing ZebraFish weren't supposed to leave the lab.
Glowing ZebraFish weren't supposed to
help fight environmental pollution.
(Actually, that one never panned out!)

Glowing ZebraFish weren't supposed to be sold as pets.
Lifeforms weren't supposed to be patented and trademarked.
GloFish® weren't supposed to be crossbred at home.
GloFish® weren't supposed to be eaten.
A byproduct of innovation is more innovation.
And never quite as one expected.
What do innovators upstream think about their progeny?
Do they even recognize them?
A byproduct of innovation is more innovation.
The Dino Pet is both a toy and a pet. The dinosaur-shaped aquarium is home to living bioluminescent plankton. When you play with (read: shake) them, the plankton will glow using stored energy they absorbed through photosynthesis during the day. The spectacle is a sight to behold, making the Dino Pet a truly unique gift.