Pet Greens Turkey & Duck Semi Moist Cat Treats, 3 oz.

Pet Greens Deep Sea Tuna Semi-Moist Cat Treats
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The pioneer grower and supplier of green nutrition products for pets, Bell Rock Growers is offering more green-a-licious and nutritious choices with four new Pet Greens® Semi-Moist Cat Treats and a medley of 100 percent certified organic cereal grasses in Pet Greens Live and Self-Grow kits.
Pet Greens Roasted Chicken Semi Moist Cat Treats, 3 oz. ()
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Bell Rock Growers Co-Founder Marty Walls partnered with Hoffmann in 1996 to launch the pet product industry's first nationally distributed live wheatgrass, called Pet Grass®, and catnip with major retailers and independent stores. The innovative duo created another industry first when they incorporated green nutrition into Pet Greens Treats, providing pets with healthy, convenient treats for training and rewards between meals. "Bell Rock Growers has earned a solid reputation among retailers and consumers as a premium supplier of affordable green nutrition products for pets," says Walls. "Our Pet Greens Treats set the benchmark for quality, convenience and originality in pet nutrition." Pet Greens Savory Salmon Semi-Moist Cat Treats (3 oz.; Salmon)
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Photo provided by FlickrPet Greens Treats for Cats Turkey & Veggie 3 oz
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GREENIES is a part of Nurto Natural Choice, which is owned by Mars. The brand offers treats to improve dental health and to make it easy to get pets to take medication in a pill form. Products are made in the United States.

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Cat-Man-Doo makes treats for both cats and dogs in bonito, salmon and chicken flavors. Their products have limited ingredients and are grain free. Products are sold online and in select pet supply stores. Before selecting a treat, consider whether you want to limit or eliminate any types of ingredients from your cat’s diet. If you’re not sure whether or not a certain product or ingredient is right for your pet, consult your veterinarian.The organic wheat grass in Pet Greens Semi-Moist Cat Treats gives cats a healthy green alternative to houseplants and outdoor grasses that may have added chemicals.PureBites manufactures treats for cats and dogs. The company’s products are limited ingredient and grain-free. Treats are available at major pet stores in the United States and Canada and at major online retailers. The company is headquartered in Quebec.