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Pet groomer with 7 years of experience and certified looking for a Mon-Thurs salon job. I have my own equipment including a clipper-vac for high quality cuts. I can wash/dry/cut dogs 25lbs & under in an hour flat. I live in Dalton GA and willing to travel as far as Chattanooga TN or Kennesaw GA. Currently working at a vet office that does not do grooming. Can send resume and groom photos. 3/20/17
Professional pet grooming is locking for job in Orlando area I'm able to groom from 7 to 10 dog all breeds.  2/20/17
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There are several paths you can travel on to become a dog groomer. Each them will take dedication and time, and depending on what your career goals are, one might be better suited than the other. So, your first step is to decide what your career goals are: do you want to groom at a grooming salon (or own your own), work for a mobile dog groomer (or own your own), groom show dogs, work at a pet retail store that offers grooming (like Petsmart or Petco), work as a groomer at a vet’s office, and/or be a competitive dog groomer. There is going to be a large range in pay for all these jobs, which is something to consider. Search and apply for Pet Groomer Jobs hiring now on CareerBuilder
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It's a ruff job, but someone's got to do it. If you love animals, have great people skills and when see a mangy mutt you think "I could turn that mongrel into a masterpiece," you might be ready for a career as a pet groomer. Pet groomers work with dogs and other animals in pet stores and pet grooming boutiques to make pets pretty. They shampoo trim and shape fur, clip nails, generally make the pet look good. Pet groomers are great with animals and people, listening to the owners' requests for how they want their pet to look, and keeping the animals calm in what can be a stressful situation.We are looking for a vibrant, ready to work pet stylist! Someone who is punctual, has great attention to detail and is ready to work full time! We have three successful locations in South Orange County!

1. The responsibility to be reliable and on time.
2. Great people skills.
3. Availability to share the responsibility of closing the shop.
4. Availability to work Saturdays.
5. Passion about their job.
6. The desire and ability to work well with other people.
7. Need to have your own grooming tools.
8. Must have at least 3 years grooming experienceThe hospital provides a dedicated grooming area with tables and cages, bathing tubs with walk-in ramp for larger animals, timed dryers, shampoos, rinses, towels, office supplies and printing, marketing, telephone, trash and other utilities, and a support staff to help answer phones and schedule appointments. The hospital also offers full time groomers discounted veterinary services for personal pets and will provide scrubs.
Job Type: Full-time
Required education:
High school or equivalent
Required experience:
Grooming / Pet Styling: 1 yearThe ABC Dog Grooming Program provides you the knowledge and skills to gently and effectively groom pets. Our program combines an with hands-on training. Dog grooming is a physical animal job, which is why we require you to complete an extensive externship in a qualified grooming facility near you.