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Pre-requisite–Principles of Professional Pet Grooming – no exceptions. Students begin hands-on training. Bathing and brushing techniques and easy breeds for grooming. The material fee includes the use of dog grooming stations. Students will be assisted by lead instructor Lori Sweeney and an instructional assistant. Students must purchase $300 - $400 worth of equipment on their own prior to the second class. The course includes 11 classes of hands-on practice.
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On the other hand, most pet grooming schools in Oceanside CA these days offer internship opportunities at different local pet grooming business, which means that you will get the practical experience that you will so much need – you will also have the chance to face the different job challenges directly, as well as to interact directly with the customers and to practice all the fundamental grooming coursework that you have studied in class. A TOUCH OF CLASS PET GROOMING
Photo provided by FlickrThe Bingo Institute of Grooming offers small, flexible classes in every area of professional pet grooming. Our programs feature:
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We provide a hands-on training course that teaches all aspects of dog grooming. Courses aretaught by an experienced, licensed teacher, who has owned multiple salons, a successful mobilegrooming business and a large pet sitting company. Classes provide individualized attention with mentor style training. The course focuses on actual grooming, givingthe students the opportunity to handle the dog from the moment it enters theschool until it leaves. Ourmission is to elevate the standards of the profession by not only teaching themost current methods of pet styling, but also by emphasizing socialresponsibility in the treatment and care of dogs. One of the highlights of our program is thatstudents get to work on homeless foster/shelter dogs. The homeless dogs enjoy a much needed day atthe spa while the students beautify the dogs to help them get adoptedquicker. We are internationally known for training the best pet care professionals in the industry. We have created a series of online and on-site courses that prepare students with the theory and practical skills needed to be a world-class groomer.Your class is a pet grooming course with “hands on training” to aid an individual in becoming proficient in skills of how to groom all breed dogs and cats with special emphasis on hand scissoring, customer/client relationships, business practices and procedures.Thank you for your interest in my program and services. Cindy's Canine Companions offers you an opportunity to learn pet grooming skills that will prepare you for a career in the pet grooming industry. The personalized one - to - one instruction you will receive at Cindy's Canine Companions is unique and offers you a hands on approach at developing the essential skills required for professional pet grooming. I have posted the information on these pages for you to review. I hope you will be joining me for classes as well as becoming one of my colleagues. If there are any questions please don't hesitate to call.