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Wondering how to become a dog groomer? Animal Behavior College's Dog Grooming Program utilizes a proven system of hands-on training with an online dog grooming course. This multi-sensory format gives each student the education and experience needed to become a successful ABC Certified Dog Groomer (ABCPG). ABC focuses on gentle dog grooming techniques designed to protect the pet and provide a more relaxed grooming experience overall.
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Around this same time, Sandy and her husband decided they wanted to open their own business, but they could not settle on what it should be. They finally realized that the answer was an all inclusive dog care facility that included a doggie daycare, grooming, and obedience training. However, Sandy understood that she did not possess all the skills to operate the business of her dreams. She decided to go back to Animal Behavior College to become a certified pet groomer. Sandy says “For both programs, the home study worked very well for me and I loved that I was using actual books instead of doing everything on the computer. I was nervous about going into my externship, but everyone at the grooming shop where I was placed was very friendly, helpful, and willing to teach me. I'm happy to say that we still keep in touch.” COLLEEN’S PET GROOMING
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If you are seeking an alternative to college, or a career change, becoming a skilled professional Pet Stylist might be just what you are looking for---at a fraction of the cost of a university! Many students recoup their educational investment back within the first two months of their new dog grooming career--that's right--within about eight weeks or less of working in the field of dog grooming, your educational investment could be recouped! Your skills as a Professional Pet Groomer will be in demand in the following industries: house call grooming, mobile van grooming, salons, pet centers, pet boutiques, veterinarians, animal hospitals, humane shelters, kennels, and more. You can even open your own dog grooming business immediately after training--we did! All you need to start a new career in this rewarding field is your love for animals and a Diploma from the Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania. As a cutting edge Pet Groomer Training Program, Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania offers an onsite pet grooming course that provides the hands-on experience you need to succeed in a career as a Professional Pet Groomer. Thousands of people have taken advantage of the opportunity to start a dog grooming business so they can fulfill the American Dream. With a small investment in your education, you can be your own boss and own your very own recession proof business.
Becoming a dog groomer is possible anywhere in the U.S. and Canada when you enroll in Animal Behavior College. Having more than 1,900 locations across North America, we’re able to offer you pet grooming training wherever you live. I'm a certified pet groomer.

I prefer to travel, and that gives more freedom in my business.

I charge a little more for travel expenses.

I love what I do.

I choose quality over quantity.

I do my best to make your pets comfortable and safe.

I live in the College Station area.
Our Grooming Team will groom your pet either to breed standard or just the way you like it. We listen to you every step of the way, and understand that nobody wants a bad haircut, not even our pets! Like your pet hand scissored? No problem! Are you up for something new? At the Canine College spa we can apply glitter for the special day out or dress your pet up with the cutest bows or bandannas, even dye your pet's coat!