The Best 10 Pet Groomers for 2017 near Uptown, Dallas, TX - Yelp

The Best 10 Pet Groomers for 2017 near Dallas, TX 75243 - Yelp
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Dog grooming Dallas at All Dogs Unleashed is more than just a bath and a haircut. Our certified Dallas dog groomers will ensure that the grooming process will not only include looks and beauty, but also encompass the integral health and well being of your pet. We are equipped with the new professional hydro-surge pet bathing system which uses only all-natural-biodegradable shampoos and professional grooming techniques for all breeds of dogs. biodegradable shampoos and professional grooming techniques for all breeds of dogs.
Find the best supplies to care for your pet at Pampered Pets Dog Grooming in Dallas and keep your furry friend happy and healthy.
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Man's Best Friend is the leading dog training service in Dallas (Carrollton, Grand Prairie, and McKinney) and Houston, Texas. Man's Best Friend offers protection and obedience dog training as well as pet boarding, doggie daycare, and grooming. We have been family owned and operated since 1980. Visit Man's Best Friend today for a free consultation. A stop at Pet Love Mobile Grooming in Dallas has you leaving with quality pet supplies and possibly even a new cute pet.
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Welcome to Ardy’s for Paws (Professional Pet Grooming And Boarding) located in Dallas, TX offering superior pet grooming services in the far North Dallas area since 1972. Other companies may try to copy our name, but not our expertise!At Ardy’s For Paws (Professional Pet Grooming And Boarding) we respect how protective pet owners can be. Unlike other pet business we don’t pretend to offer everything to everyone. We concentrate on the superior service we have offered in dog grooming and boarding for Dallas, TX and areas north. Our attention to details is sure to make a positive experience for both you and your pet. Here is a closer look at the different services we currently offer:Why trust your pet to anyone else? Most groomers only know how to do two or three hairstyles and apply these styles to every pet. If you are able to find decent pet grooming, many grooming shops have very high turn over, and that groomer may not be available on your next visit. The team at Ardy’s for Paws (Professional Pet Grooming And Boarding) in Dallas, TX have been together for over 18 years!!! What’s more, their groomers have been AKC judges, dog show groomers and long time breeders. They strive to stay up to date on current trend and styles. Serving Dallas, Texas, Dawggie Dooz and Catz Too!!! will come to you and give one-on-one attention to your dawg or cat! In addition, we offer a calm environment and good ol' fashion cuddles to help soothe your pampered pet before, during and after their groom. Our self-contained mobile unit requires nothing from you except a place to park and a dog or cat to love. Going on Vacation? Ardy’s for Paws (Professional Pet Grooming And Boarding) offers boarding to regular customers with small pets. Regular grooming customers are just like family! Your pet is cared for in a clean, “air-conditioned,” secure environment cared for exclusively by their tenured staff at very reasonable rates. Prices for grooming always include bath, trimming nails, cleaning ears and checking glands offering both full grooms as well as maintenance trims. Our experienced, knowledgeable and well-trained stylists specialize in small, medium and large dog grooming. We offer senior discounts, discounts for 3 or more pets groomed at the same time and frequent grooming discounts (those coming every week or two). Here are just a few reasons why you should trust Ardy’s For Paws (Professional Pet Grooming And Boarding) for pet grooming in Dallas, TX:"I was tired of the crappy grooming job my dog kept experiencing at the Petco's on Lovers Lane, so I finally searched around for a new place. Glad I did! My dog is a shih tzu and I wanted him to have a short cut, teddy bear face, and his ears cleaned inside. The apt. desk at Pet Pooch was so friendly and patient in hearing exactly what I wanted for my dog. They fit me in quickly, and I dropped my dog off the following day. Upon arrival, the place was inviting and friendly. I left feeling that my dog was in good hands. When I picked up Shucks, he was so handsome!!! I liked that he got a "report card" of his basic health, behavior, and comments from the groomer. I was excited that I paid the same price I had been paying at Petco yet got TERRIFIC results. The Pooch Patio did an amazing job with customer service, attention to detail, and loving my animal! I will be bringing Shucks back to the Pooch Patio from now on! Glad I found a great grooming place finally in Dallas!!!"