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Majik Hands Pet Grooming provides Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming services in Oakland, ME.
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Dog grooming is not just a luxury service we offer here at Oakland Park Animal Hospital—it is an essential service that helps your dog stay healthy. Our professional groomers can recognize skin and coat problems that can signal deeper health issues, catching them early when they are easier to treat. Regular grooming at intervals based on your dog’s breed, hair length and outdoor activity level can prevent many painful, itchy and problematic skin conditions. We are also very good at helping even the most skittish or nervous pet learn to enjoy their dog grooming session with us so that they come to look forward to the special pampering they receive here!
Finally, cleaning of your pet's ears and trimming of nails is offered as part of our grooming services here at Oakland Park Animal Hospital.
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Is your dog or cat new to professional pet grooming? Even if your pet has been professionally groomed in the past, you may still have questions about what to expect during your pet’s first appointment Oakland Park Animal Hospital. Below, our veterinarian and groomer answer five of your most frequently asked questions about pet grooming: Pinkusevich teaches part-time at the Merryfield School of Pet Grooming in Oakland Park, where she met Morales as a student in 2008.
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Photo provided by FlickrAnything you might possibly need for your precious pet is available at Merryfield School of Pet Grooming in Oakland Park.
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Dog grooming in Oakland Park is always excellent when you hire Monica's Mobile Grooming. We are fully equipped to carry out all aspects of dog grooming. We come to your door in order to groom your dog! We are flexible and we do everything possible to facilitate you. We will work on your schedule, not ours! Pets are groomed one at a time at Monica's Mobile Grooming, so you don't have to worry about your pet being stressed filled a room of barking dogs. Among the good reasons you will want to book Monica’s Mobile Grooming, is that we care for only one pet at a time. Born in Belem, Brazil, Alfonso has studied pet grooming in Germany for two years before studying further in New York City. In addition to being multi-lingual, he often jokes that he also speaks “dog” and “cat”. After completing his upper education, he moved to California where he finished his grooming certification with the San Francisco SPCA. Enamored with the Bay Area, Alfonso then opened Broadway Grooming Clinic in the Old Oakland neighborhood, where he continues to provide local grooming services for all animals to this day.There is absolutely no doubt about our outstanding ethics and our high standards at Monica's Mobile Grooming. We pride ourselves on cleanliness, courteous interaction, and client-focused service. Your pet will not be stressed. We keep your pets relaxed in our climate controlled, sanitized mobile grooming salon, during sessions of dog grooming in Oakland Park. By booking our mobile dog grooming Oakland Park services today! We are experienced with all breeds of dogs, and our knowledge is extensive. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction at Monica's Mobile Grooming, so don't hesitate to call us today for a FREE quote! You'll be happy to know there are amazing parking options in the area. If you just added a new pet to your family, you can find great training items and pet supplies at Majik Hands Pet Grooming in Oakland.