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It's also possible that different Petsmart grooming locations have different pricing
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PetSmart will give you a price over the phone. We've been very happy with them. There have been times when our groomer was on vacation and someone else took care of our dog - did a great job and knew all the details of what the groomer typically did. We pay somewhere around $42 for a schnauzer. I tip 20%. I also give a $25 gift card at the holidays. Maybe that's crazy but the groomer does a great job, will always fit me in and will always work it out if I want to drop off early or pick up early (or late) for an appointment. Plus I have a dog is getting old and can be a bit testy and sometimes gets nervous which results in diarrhea that the groomer cleans up.
Never tried Petsmart with my corgis but did in past with my dog who passed away. At the private groomer it cost $95 for my three corgi babies.
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Just an update. My groomers think the new improved kit is awesome. They say this scissors are priceless and the clippers have improved! Way to make it better PetSmart View the latest Petsmart grooming prices for all services including cut, bath, nails, paws, teeth, ears, and more for both cats and dogs.
Photo provided by FlickrPet grooming at PetSmart provides professional dog & cat grooming services at ..
Photo provided by FlickrHowever, we also have Canadian pricing available on our website
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If you’re entrepreneurial, fashion forward, and have a passion for pets, PetSmart has built the perfect foundation for your new career path. We’re currently in search of novice Pet Stylists to receive formal training and start careers via the PetSmart Grooming Academy. No prior experience is required! We offer free, paid training in our Grooming Academy. This includes:PetSmart grooming prices are relatively affordable, you can adopt pets or buy them, and there is often a reliable veterinarian at the Pet Hospital for all your pet needs. Why look anywhere else when PetSmart has all the amenities and services you could ask for?All of these services are great and all but what most people worry is that PetSmart grooming cost a little too much for some. Luckily, this fear is unwarranted as all these grooming services come at very low prices. PetSmart focuses on top of the line pet care and not corporate finances.Recently moved from the west coast to Colonial Heights, Va. and just called to ascertain grooming costs for my standard poodle. PetSmart is basically $50.00 ( Fifty) dollars overpriced from even Las Vegas. My dog gets a very simple cut, he is shaved down and his poms are trimmed and fluffed as well as his ears and top. Really, you people at Petsmart need to get a grip. I was considering signing my pup up for social play but if there is yet another large fee attached, no way.I’m a dog groomer I used to work for Petsmart. I strongly encourage everyone to find a local groomer to take your animals to. The back of most salons have mold and mildew in the bathing area. Petsmart is a retail store and is not set up for those groomers to be able to spend the time with each dog that it needs. Petsmart wants them in and out, more money. That’s all it’s about. Please find a private grooming salon. Your dog will thank you.Pet grooming at PetSmart includes everything that a bath does, plus 15 minutes or more of brushing and de-matting, and a haircut. These dog grooming prices run between $30 and $87, and also depend on what breed you have. Puppy baths are the same as regular baths, with the addition of a bandana or bow for your puppy. These are priced at $10.99, and are for pups up to 5 months old.