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9 June 2017: I made an appointment on June 8 to have my dog bathed at PETSMART GROOMING. I was asked at the time if my dog had rabies shots. I replied that she did and they were on file in The PetSmart Store where the grooming was located. She told me that was fine and that "SHE" would call them and get the information before I came. When I arrived for my appointment I was asked about the rabies shot and I told them what I had been told. I was told that "I" had to go and get the information. I told her what I had been told the previous day. I went into the store, waited in line at Banfield Vet Clinic and got the information.
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Turns out they used Herbal Essences Color Brightening shampoo! They are a Pet Store - do they not have access to several brands of dog shampoos that may be better for the skin??? & actually whiten?? I had this service done in Alberta, Canada but from the look of the other reviews - this is common throughout their stores. I also read a review from an employee that said, Petsmart wants groomers to upsell - so that's why the extra charge for Brush/Demat, I'm guessing. If you're going to shave him down to the skin - I don't think this is necessary. And honestly, I did notice my dog has been a bit more "clingy" since being home. Maybe nothing but maybe something??? The Clip Joint - 14 Photos & 25 Reviews - Pet Groomers - 108 ..
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For Groomers looking to safeguard their business against the competition, GroomProPOS is a smart business management tool that drives repeat business unlike pen and paper by increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Offer added convenience and flexibility for your clients with Online Booking. Use our Review Tool to increase your ranking on google and drive new customers to your business. With GroomProPOS's Appointment Management Software set recurring appointments to keep your books full. Let's just say she's lucky, because he was pissed! So was I! There is no need to pull a dog's leg, or treat them abusively! I will never go back there again. If you do bring your dog here to this store at 601 Centerview Blvd Kissimmee FL, stay and watch your dog be groomed! Better yet, find a caring, PATIENT groomer! They are not! Oh and if this store is reading this review, my dog's name is Romeo! Look him up! You'll then know who was assigned! I suggest you find another profession! Animals aren't it!!! They don't even deserve the one star I gave them! All PetSmart suck! They should closely observed! Oh and the manager Cashier #** of this grooming department... get a personality! Yours sucks!CLICK FOR WIKI ►►

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