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Plus, it’s a multi-tasker with uses far beyond pet hair removal: After you clean up after your dog, you can use the FURemover broom to scrub the bathroom tile or wash the car!
* A Rubber Broom is great for getting pet hair out of carpeting and on tile, hardwood, and concrete.
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" /> Love Your Broom™! The 11" upright broom head is made of non-marking synthetic rubber bristles that even build up an electrostatic charge to attract and grab pet hair and debris on carpet. The Smart Broom can dig deep down into grout, corners, or carpets to clean and scrub where other brooms or mops cannot. The synthetic rubber broom head will not collect dirt and bacteria like conventional brooms and can be top-shelf dishwasher cleaned to return it to like-new condition. All Smart Broom products are "Made in the USA" TheWISP offers a full line of pet hair removal broom inlcude the WISPsystem and miniWISP.
Photo provided by FlickrThis pet hair broom has multiple uses
Photo provided by FlickrI bought this broom to help pick up the dog hair before I vacuum the carpet.
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The link below is like the one I purchased 7 years ago and I am about to purchase another one. It is the best broom I have ever used and has outlasted two vacuum cleaners. I use it before I vacuum, because it gets most of the dirt, paper, dog hair, etc. that gets tracked in on the living room carpet. I simply know that my vacuum will not do as good a job alone. You can use it to sweep up normally as you would any broom.To begin with, thoroughly vacuum the carpet then lightly sprinkle water on the sponge mop. Gently mop the carpet to remove the fur from the fibers. You can also improvise by using a damp cloth attached to a broom. The pet hair will form a thick group which can easily be vacuumed or picked by hand.However, my tip is this: You can use the Pet Hair Eliminator Broom in the car - I never thought about that! I am so happy with this broom. There are similar products out there and as long as they have a sturdy handle, a squeegee, and they are all rubber, they will do the same. You should see how good this works.It is an easy way to get rid of dog hair since the broom is made from rubber. The rubber brooms are smooth, unlike gloves and balloons. They are also preferred to balloons and gloves since you don’t have to stick your face close to the carpet when removing the hair. This makes them great The FurStatic bristles generate an electrostatic charge that grabs and lifts fine particles like powder, glass fragments, dirt, lint and most of all pet hair. Used properly the FurStatic Broom helps reduce airborne dust and hair. Unlike other brooms and brushes the hygienic FurStatic Broom & Brush can be easily and thoroughly cleaned with just soap and water - and it's dishwasher safe! Made of a specially formulated elastomer, Furstatic delivers clean long-lasting performance. It won't fray or wear out like old-fashioned brooms and brushes, and it bends but returns to shape.The broom combines a high-quality natural rubber head with flexible bristles that make it a very powerful tool to eliminate stubborn pet hair from your carpet. The bristles help to eliminate dog hair that is stuck deep down on the carpet.