What Does the Petmate Pet Hair Magnet Work on?

Pet Hair Magnet - really works for our dark green carpet + bright white cat. Happy scraping!
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However, one advantage to this gadget I can see: because the surface is rubber and not microfiber, it might be easier to get the pet hair off the Pet Hair Magnet than the glove. With this, it sounds like it comes right off. With the glove, you have to push the hair off by working it in the direction of the fiber. And because I hate doing that, the Pet Hair Magnet is intriguing, indeed. But the real question is, how well does it work?
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Velvet is a pet-hair magnet. Avoid velvet when searching for pet-friendly sofas, as it is difficult to clean and once damaged, there is no way to repair it. Pet Hair Magnet is excellent for use on:
Photo provided by FlickrThe Pet Hair Magnet pulls a good grade B+ on this Does it Work test. I bought it at Petsmart.
Photo provided by FlickrBEST price of JW Gripsoft Pet Hair Magnet
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After you use this Pet Hair Magnet, no one will ever guess that you have a pet! The Pet Hair Magnet has a specially designed, 7 rubber blade that works dry: pull it along to catch and pull dog and cat hair from carpeting, upholstery, blankets, clothing & car seats. This pet hair remover even picks up embedded hair a vacuum can't get! Just rinse the Pet Hair Magnet and use again and again.Dog Brush for Shedding Deshedding and Light Trimming Brush Reduces Pets Shedding Hair by 90 FREE Nail Clipper and Nail File Best for Short and Long Hair >>> Learn more by visiting the image link.New pet hair magnet removal mitt and roller for long and short hair grooming dogs cats bunnies horses livestock and small animals >>> Click on the image for additional details. (This is an Amazon affiliate link)It was Christmas of 2001 that we saw the Petmate Pet Hair Magnet for $9.99 at PetSmart and I thought it would make a cute side gift for my brother who has two white Labradors. I was also skeptical though because it said on the packaging: “As Seen on TV.” We have been roped into a few of those “As Seen on TV ads,” like Nads Wax Hair Removal System, and the results were not only a rip-off but painful as well.SUMCOO Cordless Pet Dog/Kitten Cat/Bunny Rabbit Hair Grooming Clipper,Nail side Fur Trimmer And Grooming Kit Set. * Continue to the product at the image link.I would say that weeks turned into months and my brother didn’t pick up the Petmate Pet Hair Magnet so by March I was ready to break it out. I figured it wasn’t his ideal side Christmas gift if he left it here and he had received his other “real” present so my fiance and I decided to give it a try.Anyways, I have been to my brother’s house and if my fiance thinks for one moment that he has it bad with Casey he has never lived with my brother’s dogs because it is hair galore! So I put it under our Christmas tree next to my brother’s other gift in hopes that it would help him out with his upholstery. Well after all the presents were opened and my family had left, the Petmate Pet Hair Magnet sat in its’ bag by itself, forgotten.In order to use the Petmate Pet Hair Magnet, you would grip the handle and in short strokes of about a foot long bring the instrument towards you picking up the hair along the way. As you continue this motion you will see that the hair itself will begin to clump up which you can then pick up and dispose of.