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Housing Your Hamster
It is relatively easy to house a hamster. There are several different cage options to choose from, all fairly inexpensive. The wire cage, the glass aquarium and the plastic expandable tube habitats are all good choices. Any reputable pet store selling hamsters should carry at least one of these cages.
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The Ware Manufacturing Critter Universe Small Pet Cage System is similar to many other tube type cages, but the Critter Universe line sets itself apart with the quality of materials used and small extra considerations to detail that make them a step above the rest. The plastics used in Critter Universe cages is thicker and less brittle than plastics typically used in hamster cages, which means you will have a more durable cage that stands up to disassembly and other wear and tear better than the other expandable hamster cage systems. With bright, bold colors, deep pans and an endless ability to customize them with , you'll have a hamster cage you can grow with and enjoy for years. All of the included accessories are good functioning items, with a water bottle that resists drips, a food bowl with a wide base that resists tipping, and a safe solid surface running wheel. The elevated nesting area doubles as a removable carrier as well. Hamster Cages products | Prevue Pet Hamster Cages
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Wire Cage
A wired bar cage as an excellent home. Just make certain the bars are close enough together that your hamster can’t wriggle through. Be sure that any door can be securely latched, your pet is capable of moving a sliding door with his teeth and escaping.If you invest in a good quality cage, your cage will last for the entire lifetime of your pet hamster and with good care can be used for many more years if you continue to keep pet hamsters. Look for a cage that has sturdy plastic if you are choosing a cage with a plastic pan or parts, as you will be able to scrub or bleach the plastic without worrying about it cracking. Keep in mind cages with lots of plastic connectors or tubes are prone to chewing or breakage when disassembling the cage. It is more ideal to look for the metal cage components to be powder coated or PVC coated, which will protect the metal from rusting. Keep in mind that PVC coated cages are susceptible to the finish wearing or cracking, but they will last much longer than a galvanized metal cage with no treatment applied. Some people opt to house their hamsters in aquariums, which are largely impervious to wear if they are kept clean and not dropped. You may also choose to make your own home made hamster cage out of a plastic bin, which provides a high level of durability without the risk of dropping and breaking glass.XXL large wooden hamster rodent cage villa hut mouse JUST WOW!!! ferret pet small animal kit in Pet Supplies, Small Animal Supplies, Cages & Enclosures | eBayThis cage is definitely good value for money. In fact, Niteangel Small Animal Habitat might be one of the cheapest pet cages you can find, considering how big it is. With 18.6 inches in length and 12.8 inches in width, this cage has plenty of room to be the home of several large hamsters, gerbils or mice. You probably will not be able to find such a massive cage for under 30 dollars!