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Making Hay the American Pet Way video talking about how the American Pet family farm harvests hay!
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As high amounts of calcium can lead to urinary tract infections and other conditions that cause discomfort to small animals, it’s important to choose a type of hay that contains low amounts of calcium. Naturally low in calcium and high in fiber, Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay Cubes for Rabbits and Small Animals is available in compressed cubes for easy feeding. In addition to being available in block form, there is Timothy Hay for sale that includes Marigold flowers, which is a natural antioxidant that stimulates blood circulation and also contains vitamin C. Meanwhile, there is also a type of Timothy Hay for sale that contains carrots, which provide your small animal pet companions with vitamins B and C, as well as the antioxidant, Beta-carotene to promote a healthy immune system.
We’re so happy you like Small Pet Select! They really care about the quality of their hay and it shows in their product 🙂
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i was getting both the timothy, and the orchard grass. the timothy is coarser, and has more dust. as soon as i put the orchard grass in their habitat, they devour it. i get the 50 lb. box, as these two little "porkers" (guinea pigs), have a healthy appetite, which is good, since their diet is supposed to be 80% hay. Couple the high quality of the hay with the beautiful, yet practical, packaging done by Small Pet Select, and we say you have a winner.
Photo provided by FlickrHappily, we can easily provide our pets with the necessary fiber they need to prevent this by simply feeding a rabbit hay.
Photo provided by FlickrOxbow Orchard Grass at PetSmart. Shop all small pet hay online.
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Before the launch of Oxbow Pet Products, John Miller, a fifth generation farmer, was known for keeping his land clean and as chemical-free as possible. He also was known for understanding, recognizing and growing quality hay. He put that knowledge to work in producing life-staged nutritional feeds for small animals and the result was nutritionally superior Oxbow products.It’s important to store hay properly. If stored correctly, it will retain nutrients and taste for at least 12 months. Some nutrients (such as protein and fiber) and minerals (such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium) remain in hay indefinitely. Oxbow hay comes in convenient packaging that is self-storing if kept in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight. Some pet owners would rather store hay in a large plastic container that is well ventilated.Grass hay, a source of long-strand fiber, is absolutely vital to the digestive health of small herbivore pets. It prevents obesity, dental disease, boredom and diarrhea. Oxbow hay is offered in a number of varieties to meet the nutritional needs and taste preferences of different species, personalities, life stages and sizes of animals. Quality Oxbow hay is grown by farmers and harvested from fields that have been personally selected by John Miller.
The hay is hand-sorted and rigorously tested to make sure it’s the best it can be.We have been working on our pellets for a long time and we are very excited to finally make them available. These pellets are timothy hay based. We use only the finest ingredients including . The pellets will round out the diet for small pets as they are nutritionally complete with all the essential vitamins and minerals that these animals need to stay healthy.Soft, green, and so fragrant you can practically smell the meadows - this is the kind of timothy hay our pets would pick for themselves if they could. The sole purpose of Small Pet Select is to find the and deliver it fresh and direct to the door of small animal owners across the continental U.S...because pets deserve great hay - plain and simple!If there are no farms in your area, don’t despair. You can also buy hay for rabbits in bulk online. Nowadays, there are many reputable online retailers of hay, such as . Use coupon code MYHOUSERABBIT for free shipping on any size hay order from Small Pet Select. They offer a range of sizes all the way up to 60lbs.