producing for the touch safe solar pet heater

No part of the pet friendly heaters shell will burn or injure your pet
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K&H beds and pads will emit heat anytime they are plugged in so your pet can sense that heat and be drawn to the bed or pad for warmth and comfort. When your pet is not on the pad, the heat will dissipate into the air and the surface temperature will vary according to the ambient air temperature.
No parts of the pet heaters outer shell will burn or injure your pet.
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"All of us at Petco are heartbroken by Colby’s passing. The health and safety of pets is always our top priority and we take full responsibility for all animals under our care. We are taking immediate action to investigate and understand the situation. Our thoughts are with Colby's family at this difficult time." The pet friendly heater has been designed to operate safely around your active pet.
Photo provided by FlickrThe weather proof heater is safe for pets that are not house trained or suffering from arthritis.
Photo provided by FlickrWater powered heaters will warm pets in any location. The warmth radiating from the rust
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I have had the opportunity to test the Heat – N- Breeze Deluxe unit in both the hot summer months and the cold winter months. Here in Kentucky it gets pretty hot and also very cold. This unit performed just as the company said it would in their literature. As Mike, the owner says: your dog box has to be well insulated and have a door that will shut to help keep the heat in the box. When you take care of securing your box then the Hound Heater will do its job. This heater is very well built as it has a metal case and also has a metal cord cover for added protection for your pet. If you are looking for a well made kennel box heater then look no further as The Hound Heater has you covered to keep you pet warm and for you to have a piece of mind know that you are taking care of you old buddy. We here at Amis Kennels use and recommend the Hound Heater as our choice to heat and cool our dog box. I would also like to add it is a bargain of an investment if you are raising puppies as the cost of this unit will more and pay for it in just saving one puppy.

Good luck to you in all your hound endeavors and may God Bless You and Yours.

-- Don Amis A heated mat is an effective way to warm your pet - especially if the house is insulated - although some owners may be a bit nervous about their dog sleeping directly on an electric device with a cord running from it. This is mostly a concern if your dog is a chewer. Note that most mats have a metal safety coil around the cord so if you can
run the unprotected part of the cord out of the dog's reach, you're in business. Otherwise, you might consider encasing the rest of the cord with PVC pipe.Before getting into the nuts and bolts of heating a dog house, it's worth pointing out that a properly constructed dog house will go a long way towards keeping your pet comfy warm during the winter. Ideally, a cold weather dog house has the following features:Akoma's Hound Heater dog house heaters are the industry standard, trusted by pet owners everywhere to keep their pets, hunting dogs, working dogs and other pets warm during the cold months. Energy efficient, safe and easy to install, Hound Heater dog house heaters are just what ou and your dog have been looking for.